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hi everybody. I'm designing a wideband (6-18GHz) double ridged horn antenna. the waveguide that i want to use is WRD650. and it can operate in 6-18GHz. I used HFSS to design the waveguide , and the S11 was very bad(about -4dB). it means that no wave propagate inside the waveguide. i used PML at the end of (...)
hi every one.. i need to design an horn antenna with the following specifications using hfss . i am a begginer in antenna design . please help me how to go about . i am stuck with lots of errors . specifications : Frequency Range: 700 MHz - 18 GHz Antenna Factor: 22 to 44 dB Gain (dBi): 1.4 to 15 dBi Maximum Continuous Power: 300 Watt
Hi everybody, I'm working on the double ridged horn antenna with frequency range form 2-6 ghz but what I got for the S11results are from 0 to - 2db which was wrong. I should have gotten -10db and below if it was correct. I have been figuring out for days and I really need some help. I have upload my work on this thread (...)
Hi All, I'm new to HFSS, and i try to do simulation on DRH antenna. Center Freq is 10 GHz. When i try to analyze it.. error prompt.. something like Initial mesh, process mesh3d died unexpectedly. Do i make a mistake on my desain.. please i need your advice... thanks before
A double ridge waveguide horn will normally only receive one polarization, the one where the Efield is developed across the two ridges. If you had a 4 ridge horn--two ridges in the horizontal, and two ridges in the vertical plane, that can be a different. story. If you want to get fancy with mode converters, you can do (...)
Hi Kamran, The Broadband antenna you want to design is not simple horn. You need to add ridges in the waveguide & horn section to increase your bandwidth. Search for double or quadridged horn design in search engines. You will get many papers or references. If you stuck at any (...)
Hi the ridge become wider in the aperture not like other double ridge horns keeping the ridge thin all the way to aperture pl
look for C Burns, P. Leuchtmann, R. Vahldieck, ?Analysis and Simulation of a 1-18GHz Broadband double-Ridge horn Antenna,? IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol 45, No 1, pp 55-60, Feb 2003. pl
Hi dear friends, I need below mentioned papers about "double ridged horn design"; these pspers are very important for me. waiting for your help. papers: 1. K. L. Walton and V. C. Sundberg,"broadband ridged horn design," Microwave Journal, pp. 96-101,1964. 2. S. B. Cohn,"properties of ridge (...)
I want to design an antenna which works in the 1-12GHZ frequency bandwidth,and the antenna has less than 10 dBi gain in 1GHz,less than 30 dBi gain in 12 GHz. It seems that the parabolic antenna with the double rage horn feed can implement it . Can other antenna implement it? Otherwise the antenna is not large (...)
Hello... I want to construct the above antenna with central frequency at 2 GHz and a bandwidth from 1GHz to 3 GHz.. I have manage to calculate the dimensions for each frequency but I dont Know how to combine all this dimensions to one for the construction? This might sound funny but if somebody is aware of the above please help me!!!! Is it