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What is SDR and DDR here SDR - Single Data Rate (at single edge) DDR - double Data Rate (at both positive & negative edge) 119792
Two batteries in series have the (-) terminal of one connected to the (+) terminal of the other. Then the unconnected (-) terminal is still negative and the unconnected (+) terminal is still positive but at double the voltage.
If I was to twist two strands of AWG 18 wire together and then use that to wind the secondary of a transformer then would: 1) The total secondary current be shared between the two individual strands? 2) Or would the the two individual strands act as two separate coils in parallel so that you get double the current?
LM 339 has negative bias current (so current flows out of the input pins). So leaving one input open, behaves as high input voltage. Please double check everything again, because when your +input is at ground level and -input is at 0.45V (above ground level), then the output should be -5V. Did you measure between the + and - input (V+ minus V-
Hi, I need help identifying this ckt..and find out the gain vo/vin its and opamp with double feedback with limiting diodes.. Any hints or help is greatly appreciated..... Thanks, Meg
Hello all. I want to build a double power supply with current limitter only with opamps and transistors. After i read a lot i decided to make my own design (to put in practice what i have learnt by myself ). I simulated the design and it seems to work ok but i do not have experience so i am asking for help in finding any erros or improvements. I
Could anyone explain the difference between Timing Driven double Via Insertion and Non Timing Driven double Via Insertion ?
Hello, Kindly discuss the properties of permittivity and permeability of materials, impact of their magnitude and sign on the behavior of materials. krishna prasad sristy
This device is designed for Max 125V (Vin-Vout) make sure you are operating in that limit. It does not look like you are operating in that limit. You are subjecting device to approx 250V, just double the rated value, if you are connecting diode bridge directly to mains. Although attached schematic shows 55v AC input, which should be fine. Also sho
I know it is just a mathematical convention. but why we usually prefer double sided spectrum over single sided spectrum? As mentioned already, the double-sided spectrum is closely related to the concept of negative frequencies. Now: The introduction of negative frequencies is the result of using the FOURIER series
what does the negative frequency means in a frequency spectrum.????does it have a physical meaning????or just a concept???? No, it has no physical meaning. It results only from introducing Eulers formula into the description of trigonometric functions. Each double-sided spectrum can be transferred to a single-sided spect
Hi all, I need to find the Bandwidth of a BPSK signal by simulating it in matlab..I am finding it difficult to find the spectrum of it and match it in accordance to the theory- a double sided sinc wave each centered at positive and negative carrier frequencies..Can anyone help me?
Hi all, on the subject of double negative materials, Veselago's paper from 1968 is often cited (V. G. Veselago, “The electrodynamics of substances with simultaneously negative value of ε and μ” (in Russian), Soviet Phys Uspekhi, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 509-514, Jan-Feb. 1968.). I was wondering whether there is a (...)
All the grounds are connected to the ground plane on one side of the double-sided pcb. Of course the 0V of the power supply connects to the ground of the circuit.
I have uploaded a pic for this question just for an example...... 1> I want to know in detail why and how the double negative property (-ε,-?) of DNG metamaterials can enhance the radiation,gain and bandwidth of a patch antenna? 2>Also can anyone explain what is the "side-grounds" (the two metallic square patches on both si
I want an article about LHM "Causality and double-negative metamaterials"Richard W. Ziolkowski * and Allison D. Kipple ? any body can help me? please send it to me bye
in single power supply design , negative volt is difficult , I think you can shift negative -> positive voltage float gate only use in flash memory design , general cmos no this layer .. and new CMOS process only use M-i-M cap no use double poly for Cap
ok thanks, I see what the terms mean. But, is it normal to have conversion loss in an active mixer example a double balanced mixer
If you have a differential amplifer, you can set Rf/Ri to be 1.5, because the effective gain will be double. If you want a single ended gain to be 3, you can set the Rf/Ri to be 3. Choosing the values of the resistors depends on how you want your closed loop frequency response. But if you are integrating the resistors on the chip(in your design), t
The gain double single output .
Well, I can post you only my way... I'm using self made PCB's only for single side, or double side boards with no vias. The desgin is done in Eagle, select print out (I prefer ink jet printer's), on printer settings use foil and best quality, and if possible high contrast. Select in Eagle SOLID AND BLACK!!! Before printing the desgin think ab
1st: you need use double power(+/-/GND) for amplifier. 2nd:you need to adjust offset of amplifier.
Lupin, I'm posed articles about double negative Materials. Here is the link: