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Your requirement is step down conversion (20VDC to 8VDC) t on/t off = duty is the duty cycle ( Duty = 50% or more generally ) fmin is the minimum frequency Vf is the diode forward voltage drop (.5V) CT is oscillator frequency setting capacitor you can vary the PWM frequency by varying CT value V ripple is the ripple voltage present in the outp
Source down to line 46 include 8051 specific low level code and have to be rewritten for PIC. Your compiler suite (XC8, Mikro-C, CCS C or what?) has library functions to simplify access to IO ports and UART. Did you consider to learn something about PIC programming or just looking for a volunteer to write the code for you? May be you find hel
If you don't have the right tool to measure the DSB levels, you can do a simple down conversion in the 0Hz-10kHz spectrum and use a simple sound card spectrum analyzer, as the one in the link below which have 130dB dynamic range and pretty good FFT selectivity (depending a bit by your computer soundcard).
Hello, I've realized a RF receiver with demo boards linked together. RF recevier is able to amplify the signal, perform down-conversion with a mixer and filter with IF filter. Now, I should verify the receiver performances. In particular, I'd like to verify if receiver realizes a good BER for some modulation schemes, such as BPSK and QPSK. I've
I need help to have this design downconverted to older version of the OrCAD format. can anyone know how this can be done or help with this conversion?
Good Moorning to everybody, I'm a newbie and I'm a only analog designer. I've designed a differential receiver and after the conversion (from differential to CMOS) the magnitude of CMOS level is 2.5 V. I've the necessary to convert this digital signal into CMOS level 1.2 V (core level into the ASIC). Are there some standard cell that provide
Hi i would like to know whether do we have any step-down transformer, through which i can measure the variable supply voltage downed to low variable step downed voltage.....
Use reset cause register and error exception code to narrow down the problem.
BATAC is just a tradename from Rotron the Fan company. Other uses are limited only by your imagination. To obtain reduction in size, weight, and cost, and to increase efficiency of the inverters and converters, the use of voltage step-up and step-down transformers has been avoided. All of the power conversion fans listed have been wound for a v
Hi, For one of my project work, I want to simulate a simple circuit of an LNA and an IQ mixer used in down conversion mode. I downloaded and installed vendor component directory but they have not given direct modules for this specific IC in ADS. So I used data-item and s-parameter file for LNA and Mixer2 model for mixer. I have attached (...)
Hello All, Thanks in advance for any help / advice! 116324 I am trying to make an X-Band phase detection circuit using some commercially available components. I attach a simplified block diagram of the circuit above. The goal is to compare the phase difference between the down converted reference IF to the Test IF f
While ago I did replace in a microwave down-converter mixer an HSMS-8202 with BAT-15. After that replacement the mixer needs more LO power and the conversion loss was higher. Everything went normal when I found for replacement the original HSMS-8202.
Hello! As said above (reply #2), it's not a good approach to ask directly for source code. Write down what you tried, explain where the problems are and other people are more likely to reply with useful hints. That said, it depends on what you are trying to do, the question is not very clear. For example, if you write: int a = 10; or int a = 0x0
Hi, In the case of a down conversion mixer, the noise from both the RF and image frequencies are down converted. This means that there is twice the noise power in the down converted signal. May I know what is the situation in case of up conversion? Does it have up converted noise only from the RF (...)
Hi boys, please, can you help me? I need create design of power supply for GSM module SIM900. I found some catalog schematic of LM2576 ADJ as STEP down from 12VDC to 4VDC. It's ok, but I need step down converter from 24V AC. Is good idea to use catalog circuit with diode bridge in input? Which solution do you suggest? Diode bridge or simply use of
Hi, I have to sample frequency range from 500MHz to 3 GHz. I need IF BW of 500MHz in any center frequency in that range. I need about 70dbc dynamic range. I'm new in RF design and I think in first step the signal should be up converted to a upper frequency with a LO like 8 GHz then down converted to IF frequency. after that a 1 GHz ADC can b
Hi to all, Im calibrating the load cell with help of ADS1231 24-bit resolution, it interfacing with spi communication. The load cell signals are given to the ADS1231( pin no 7 and 8 ), If the conversioin is ready means, the DRDY pin goes high, and fall down, by the way we can detect the conversion is ready, but my problem is, when the c
Hi I have downloaded I/Q samples of AM modulated signals (Radio broadcast) that contains 2 stations. one centered at 0 Khz and other at 8 Khz. I am able to play 0 Khz stations by demodulation. now i want to shift (down-conversion) the 8 Khz signal to 0 Khz. I understand the process and studied various books but by applying what i have (...)
i designed a differential gilbert cell for down conversion mixer from 2.4GHz to 100MHz and simulated in 130 nm CMOS in Mentor graphics. But the problem is i am not getting the code to determine the parameters in differential form. Can any one help me by getting this otherwise i need to convert my differential output to a single ended output.
Hello, I am designing 'Double down conversion of superhyterodyne receiver' for the frequency range of 54MHz - 860 MHz . I am using the following design. Here I have given 700 MHz as RF input. 102933 Design parameters set are unable to generate the frequency response & respective voltage output, noise figure, S param