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how 1T dram (1mos+1cap) is taking more area as compare to 6T SRAM( 6 mos transistors) ? Is capacitor not taking much area (i mean 8 or 9 times of single mos)??? for Cap we are using Trench . Does this trench don't cover much area as compare to mos for a required capacity of Cap.
What kind of memory are you after ? Here are some useful documents for SRAM:
Hi, I am trying to layout a dram sense amplifier. I already have a layout, but I`m sure it`s not optimal, since I made it without a refrence. It barely fits within the cell pitch. Can someone please point me to a refrence design or some other such resource? Thank you! Edit: I`ll elaborate on my problem. I attached the (...)
Hi all, I`m currently doing a layout of a dram array and am having some trouble with wraping my head around some things. I`m using TSMC 0.18um and MiM capacitors (between M5 and M6). Attached is the layout of a single cell, and since it`s the first try, I`m guessing it`s far from optimal. I have also attached the extracted netlist. (...)
Hi all, I`m working on a dram project for school and am having some trouble getting started with the layout part. I can`t find any solid information on dram layout. I know must of the knowledge on the subject is proprietary, but I can`t find anything! Can anyone point me to some book(s) or paper(s) on the subject? (...)
Hi all, Now I am considering whether to use a single-port or dual-port dram in my design. The system performance with a dual-port dram will of course be better. However, how about the cost, area and layout complexity for a dual-port compared with single-port under the same memory size? Many thanks in advance!!