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If you use 3D EM simulator, you can draw your spiral against a ideal antenna with a azimuth and elevation angles,then you can check the s-parameters and since the applied power/voltage to the ideal antenna, you can also find induced and appeared voltage/power at the terminals of the looks like antenna chamber..
Did you try making the power source unchanging DC? Does it work properly then? The reason for this question: A PV panel is not a stable power source. High V, low A. Low V, high A. You installed an input capacitor. I believe an input inductor is needed, between the PV panel and input capacitor. That arrangement should allow you to draw continual s
Hi, I draw a simple injection locked frequency divider. Parameters in design are as follows: Technology: tsmc 0.18um RF. M0,M1: NMOS Width/Length/NF(number of fingers)=3um/0.18um/6 M2: NMOS Width/Length/NF=3um/0.18um/9 inductor: center tapped. Width/Space/Radius=9um/2um/51.8um Input: 26GHz sin wave, peak to peak voltage swing 0.2V
If I undestood correctly, all EM simulators can be linked with Cadence only on schematic level? How do I link/draw them in layout with other components in the layout (mosfets, resistors, capacitors...)? I thought I could draw a spiral which would act as an inductor after RLCk extraction. I have found
If your current draw from mains AC is unchanging... then you can install an inductor to act as a 'choke'. The simulation works (theoretically) with a 38 mH inductor, to allow a charging current of 20A If yo
Hi guys, I ran a simulation in HFSS but after simulation, the inductance that I got was much higher than the supposed ~27pH from the schematic simulation. I've attached the HFSS file and if anyone spots any mistake, please do let me know! Thanks! Substrate was advised to draw at 737um, air box 2211um, interlayer dielectic layers are also draw
Hi guys, I know this could be a question in analog IC layout but since it's for rf/mm-wave domain, am thus seeking some advice here. I have a rfline model from a pdk and from the process file, i see that it consists of the top most metal layer and a silicon substrate. Say I'm using a line of 100um and i find that the layout it's just a straig
First of all, you need some 3D or 2.5 EM simulator. Just draw a rectangle with some diameter and fast perform a simulation. Based on this you can design your 485pH. But I think it would be a lot of effort to design exactly 485pH, accept some variation.
My questions are 1. A CCM operation implies constant current it doesn't? So how can a CCM PFC work when there is no load? What about for very low loads where it forces the inductor to have discontinuous current in it?Then the controller will enter a discontinuous mode, if it has to. [q
Hi everybody, I am currently designing an NFC reader with a PN532 chip from NXP (which is one of the requirements of my circuit). I plan to draw a rectangular loop inductor on the PCB which would approximately occupy a 3x3 cm square (up to 4x4 cm). There will be other components on this PCB such as an LED driver, some LEDs, etc. The main micro-c
yes it is a simple smps but i didn't draw the other part of schematic, i have only problem in this part of circuit The problem is most likely transformer leakage inductance, in so far I don't agree with the statement. What's the transformer windings ratio, did you measure leakage inductance?
Hi, I am using Cadence virtuoso for my project simulation. I use an inductor in the schematic taken from the AnalogLib. I want to know how to draw the layout for inductor. Pls attach any file that has step by step procedure to do it. My project mainly depends upon the inductor. Thanks in advance.
Hello, SMT inductor pads are a strange shape in the SRU2009-100Y inductor....... .......... ...why are they this strange it to reduce eddy current heating of the pad? ..also, how do you draw this pad in EAGLE pro layout software?
Hi, I'm designing a coplanar waveguide spiral inductor in HFSS. I draw the waveport with dimensions: Width = 3(2g + w), where g is the gap size between the ground and the conductor and w is the width of the conductor, and length of 4*g as said on the HFSS guide. I drew rectangles of these dimensions and assigned waveport excitation to them. The
one possibility is if the inductor saturation current is 1A for me this design looks on the edge..... for example for 22V,.23A the output power is 5.06W, and for which the IC internal switch will try to draw 1A current from 5V to achieve the same(power 5.06W or above considering the losses).... also the inductor value may not be good (...)
Please who can draw to me or give me the footprint of the coil i have a doubt in understanding the dimension of the coil
TSMC 90nm has curves to show the inductor's L AND Q, how to draw the schmatic to plot the differential indutor's L and Q agree with the TSMC's curve? the important problem is what should be connect to the center tap?? A 50ohm? a source ?? BTW,CONNECT TO GROUND IS NO RIGHT
I need to build an air wound coil of 5uH. This will be in series with a 5K resistor and a 30KV pulse. I was going to wind in sections and make the length about what a Globar 36KVPK rated part length is, about 6". The application will draw an arc across a short gap so the full voltage will be across the inductor for a short time (500pF cap
If I start from the outside of the first coil to the center, and switch from this first coil to the other, the current flows the opposite direction draw the inductor so that turns on both layers follow the same
Hi, I need some help in ADS Momentum Tool. I want to draw symmetric octagonal geometry in ADS momentum using a set of coordinates that I have for Number of turns as 4. I explored path and polygon function in Momentum but was not sure how I can create the attached (octagonal_top.jpg) geometry. What I was doing in HFSS was to draw a po