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Hello everybody, does anyone have experience on working with assura on Centos 7? assura drc is working fine, however LVS fails due to syntax errors after opening the .csm and .cls files for comparison. I know that Centos 7 is not supported, but using a 20 year old OS even in a virtual machine to support those tools has countless (...)
HI I have a problem with virtuoso and AMS 0.35 I insert a pmos but I always receive the same error and I do not know how to fix it I puts a pmos for the library 136066 De assura drc indicates BAD_SUBSTR_SUBTAP_FLOAT_ERC but I think the substrate is well fed to VDD thanks.
Hi, I am trying to run drc but in technology it's not showing my library i.e. cmos150 nm. even I have attached in startup of schematic and schematic is runing fine but for layout drc is not running. Please give anyway to resolve this issue. Thanks
minimum top via enclosed by metal top 1 is 0.01micron... How to fix this error.. I am using 8Metal layer process? It appears when i place metal 6 and Top metal via top.
Hi there, I'm making an OTA layout in Cadence, ams 0.18um (cmhv7sf). The only drc error I have is about I/O wirebond - it says that some transistors don't have body contact while there are n-well contacts. When there where contacts on the left and right side errors where the same. 133931133932
I guess I'd begin with, is assura the selected drc engine? If {whatever} doesn't like the drc deck that's purportedly for assura, you have to wonder who you're talking to. And then I'd be looking to gpdk message boards for any stuff about drc setup particulars for the 45nm kit.
Where can I find assura drc rule deck file in our project path. "drcExtractRules" I guess this would be the name of the file. Thanks in Advance. Best Regrds, Lakshman
The formula is {metal area}/{total area} but this is not much help. You have to tabulate all of the in-layer features to get the {metal area}. This is usually done using drc scripts since those tools are right for this kind of thing.
Hi, I am doing a layout of a simple common-centroid differential pair with multipliers and fingers using IBM 130nm cmrf8sf. drc runs fine. But i get malformed device error: *ERROR* Device 'nfet(Generic)' on Schematic is unbound to any Layout device. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks.
Floating gates could already be found by schematic ERC (Electrical Rules' Check). Floating poly and metal can be found by a layout drc. Here a few floating check lines from a former assura (resp. Diva) drc file (also called "ERC"): saveDerived( geomOutside( CPOL CCON ) "floating CPOL, # ERC" ) saveDe
Prashanth, Cadence PVS (Physical Verification tool) is an advanced drc/LVS engine for drc and LVS check. PVS is specifically for technology nodes below 45nm. Cadence assura is an older LVS engine which can be used for technology nodes above 45nm.. i.e, 180nm, 130nm.etc., Summary : PVS for 45nm and smaller Geometry (...)
Hello friends, I am using UMC 90nm technology in Cadence6.1. I am able to view the results of assura drc and assura LVS but when it comes to assura RCX, then in log file it shows the error as no technology directory can you please help me in this.
Hi all, Please can someone help me with assura to PVS conversion? So how can I convert drc, erc and lvs rule files from one tool to another? Thanks for your advices.
Hi everybody: I am using AMS H35 tech for HV-Processor M0 Chip. The P&R and drc have passed. Now I am using assura to do LVS and encounter some wired problems. Who has some ideals? thanks and regards Error: Device 'cds_thru(Generic)' on schematic is unbound to any layout device Device 'RDIFFP3(RES)' on Layout is unbound to any Schematic de
Hello everybody: When I finished P&R Layout in encounter, I use assura to do drc. However I find the following violations. Do you know how to figure out them ? Do I need to do some special configurations in Encounter? I am using the AMS-H35B4-ThickallMeta tech. Best Regards INFO : standard pad met4 4 stack rvia2 INFO : rvia2 does
105140 I am trying to verify above drc error (Enclosure rule). This is what is there in the assura rule file. L48775=geomStraddle(Nwell Nburied) L92003=geomAndNot(L48775 Nburied) errorLayer(L92003 "NBL.E.1: Minimum Nburied to Nwell enclosure >= 0.2 um") L91383=drc(Nburied Nwell enc<0.2) errorLayer(L91383 "NBL.
Hi, There is a option in Calibre.. in which same label metals are shorted virtually while runnin LVS ,drc and PEX. But i dont know about assura.. Thanks
Hi all, I am using TSMC 65nm and I want to do extraction Virtuoso Layout Editing. But I deal with a problem: When I use Verify/drc menu a window opens which uses assura for verfication, but it needs "Switch Names". I try to choose it from "Set Switches" but this item does not open in my window and it's deactivated !! When I try to do (...)
Hello, I keep getting the above error when attempting to run assura drc on a simple layout of an inverter. I am using IBM 90nm technology. Additionally, here are some of the errors in the Cadence terminal: *No tech lib map file 'assura_tech.lib' or 'pvtech.lib' found. *No rule sets can be created because there are no defined (...)
Hello, I Keep getting the "Failed to build VDB. Cannot submit drc run" error when I am trying to run assura drc in my layout. In the cadence log, it shows that many layers are undefined as well. We are pretty sure it's because we are using assura version -614 and layout version -615. Is there anyway to get around this (...)