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Floating gates could already be found by schematic erc (Electrical Rules' Check). Floating poly and metal can be found by a layout drc. Here a few floating check lines from a former Assura (resp. Diva) drc file (also called "erc"): saveDerived( geomOutside( CPOL CCON ) "floating CPOL, # erc" ) saveDe
hi , here i had attached the schematic of eagle , it was giving error's when checking in erc. supply and output pins were mixed like that, can u any one solve this problem in this schematic thank you regards Rajesh
Hi all, Please can someone help me with assura to PVS conversion? So how can I convert drc, erc and lvs rule files from one tool to another? Thanks for your advices.
Hi all, I?ve read quite a lot on different bits of advice on completing the schematic properly before embarking on any routing. With regards to the routing I?ve read up on main aspects such as the selection of the routing grid in relation to the trace width, avoiding dimension errors and avoiding clearance errors. Regarding my schematic I?
To run drc in pcb, select Tools->Design Rule Check
What is the difference between an erc error and a soft check error ? Why in LVS we have these two as different checks? erc is an independent check program, can be run on schematic already, i.e. long before layout, drc & LVS, hence usually is not included in the LVS set. It is a program which che
Hello all, i'm new to Physical verification. Going to start career in PV. so can you help me that what should i know related to PV? i gone through drc, LVS, Antenna, erc whatever material i got through internet. i know basics of drc, LVS, erc, antenna, but still not get very clear idea. If anyone have good material (...)
Actually an erc error message (probably run simultaneously with drc). If you intended that VOB1 and VOB2 should be separate nets, the warning tells you that these nets are actually short-cut with VDD. So you should not ignore the warning. If you, however, have labeled the same node with 3 different labels, the warning just tells you that VD
Hi, Your prb is an erc and not a drc probkem.
Check this error message string in your Assura drc (or erc) rules' file. The rule violation generating this error message should give you a hint. I'd suspect that your substrate taps are connected to different nodes, which is not allowed.
Latchup rule LAT3 distance s/d diff pgate net_welltap > 20 drc/erc messages often are confusing, because you never know if they tell you the reason of an error, or what you should change. In your case, I guess the distance between the s/d region and the welltap is too far.
2 cents of info 1)first you design using pen and paper (no need of an foundry) 2) you do the simulation (you need the foundry models, deside your foundry now) 3) you do the layout (you need the Pcell and other foundry technology info) 4) do the LVS and drc, erc check (you need the foundry rules) 5) make the GDS file and send it to the foundry
First, this are drc errors. Have a look at your clearance luck, ep20k
Hello all. I have two lateral pnp transistors contained within one well. They are diode connected (i.e. the base and collectors are connected together). When I run ASSURA drc I get the following error: 2 bad_n_well_welltap_multconn_erc and the two base contacts of the lat 2 transistors are highlighted. I understand that Assura is tellin
can anyone tell :--- drc--design rule check-----i know the details.. erc---electrical rule check-----how it works?? these rules also given by foundry?? antenna drc----is it the antenna effect which comes into picture during fabrication process.......there are antenna rules given by i rht.. ESDdrc-----?? ESDNET-----?? (...)
there are interface between calibre and virtuoso,t that is means, u can get all the calibre' results information (drc, lvs, erc and attena errors). thanks.
actually, i faced this problem last month. you've to modify you hercules runset, following the userguide in hercules reference manual on drc/erc.. if you still have problem... you can mail me for the detail script modification...
the drc, erc, LVS, LPE etc.
there's any documents for design a personal library in IC cadence ??? How write a drc Rul, erc Rul, tech lib, generate a tf and lef lib and all component for a complete set of cells. thanks
Hy guys Which of these erc ( error rule checkers ) do you prefere for drc extraction of a layout. Anybody has experience with NANOSIM drc checker ( personaaly I've only experience with DRACULA drc). ? I mean for example if some of you have experience in checking a layout with nanosim and dracula and one off these (...)