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Refer to Technology manual for this. If you run drc you should see fails related to latchup if your design does not meet the latch criteria. (or) read the tech manual before trying to design layout.
hi can anyone tell how to fix drc violation after done with post routing? i got one M1 spacing to find the location of error in the layout? also i got lvs errors like missing port vss on net: vss how to clear lvs error too Thanks, chandra.
I keep on getting Dimension error whenever I do a drc. The errors are located at the pads of my thru hole connector. From my understanding, a dimension error occurs because a trace is too close to a dimension layer. The pads for my through hole connector has a dimension layer added by eagle automatically when I add a (...)
Hi, I am designing a CMOS IC for the first time. I need to use Calibre to do my drc,LVS and PEX. I was able to run drc and LVS. However, I am getting an error message when I run Calibre PEX. The error message is: error: Unable to open pdb: "svdb/CHECK_POST4.pdb" CHECK_POST4 is my design file name. (...)
When you only have drc errors (but LVS clean) you can run post-layout simulations. Nonetheless, the results might be incorrect: let's say that the drc error you have is metal spacing, the capacitance between those 2 nets will be a little higher...
... which can be ignored from these errors. None. In general, no drc error may be ignored, ask your foundry. An exception is only possible if you have a signed agreement with your foundry, stating that you take full responsibility for non-functionality of the dice. DR means Design Rules, and a rule i
Check if your foundry (or MOSIS?) will do the dummy metal filling for you, or if they will provide you with the appropriate software tool (e.g. skill routine or drc rule file).
Hi, I am doing amplifier design in Cadence vituoso and am using gpdk180 library my schematic and layout are complete, drc and LVS successful, but when i try to extraxt(Run RCX) i get the error "No cellview for pcapacitor found" There are no paracitic components in gpdk180, how can i extract? Please Help.
hi i don't know allegro. In altium, the differential pair length can be set by creating a rule. Whenever the rule is violated, it will throw a drc error.
Hi,all I have a gds file which don't contain any CEL view, because the foundry won't provide those, so I only got Route view in gds file, still I want to do drc with calibre, but, calibre will prompt many errors like this: error: Cell DLY3X4TS is referenced but not defined. error: Cell DFFSRX1TS is referenced but not (...)
Hi i am working at the final stage verification and run drc , I calibre ends with exit error and says. error: Failure to read input file stdin at record offset 0. can some one tell me .. wat could be the possible mistake i am doing ** I use layout file *.oa thank you in advance lsf0201
Hi I found there is one off grid error in the file i submitted yesterday. Can some one pls tell me what will happen to it? They said the project is released for run and ask me to resubmit it asap. I want to know what if i miss it, what will do with this off grid problem? This trace wont be able to manufacture? or they will send it back
which drc are you using, assura or calibre? does the error exist when you use the other one with "CHIP" design type? contact MOSIS if you are a customer MOSIS_Users_Group : MOSIS User's Group
Better way is that you GO to your drc and set the rules for the particular error but that will be little cumbersome. The easier way I think is, if you are not going to coneect one pin to any net, make it as No Net in it properties that way you will clear the drc OR you can simply ignore the error if you dont want to do that
Hi I have a problem with my Calibre Interactive when I try to run drc for my layout verification using Virtuoso 6.1.3. It's show the error ' The following products could not be licensed sufficiently". Is it related to the Calibre license because the technician who install my Calibre said the license is find. Hope somebody can help me please..
Hey! I've designed an LNA in Cadence (TSMC 0.35um CMOS technology). After successfully running drc and LVS, when I tried to run RCX on my layout design, it gave the following errors: 'Can't access compare.rul' 'error loading master control file rcx.trial2.rsf' (my cell view name is trial 2) 'error in loadstring' I read over (...)
why not split that big transistors into smaller ones then make the arrangement ABAB? Hi all. I have runt into a drc error : MAXIMUM n+ DIFFUSION TO NEAREST p+ PICKUP SPACING(INSIDE P-WELL OR TWELL) IS 20um I know this is resolved by adding taps or a guard ring around the device. Problem is that I get this error for one devi
hello all, I'm trying to run parasitic extraction using Calibre PEX. My drc runs fine and it gets the rule file automatically, but PEX doesn't. If I use the same rule as drc or use the rule for LVS, in both cases, I get an error "Nothing in Layout" in transcript. I have the same pin name (CAPITAL) in both schematic and layout. any help (...)
I don't know Allegro, but sometimes I just accept that I am going to get a drc error with unusual structures. Vias in the power pad of SSOP/QFN packages for example. If I spent some time I might be able to construct things in a way that don't give an error, but that can take too much time. Keith.
When I tried one oasis file i have in Hercules drc I am getting this error. Plz help. Thanks in adv. error DETAILS #####--- ERR_COPY ----------------------------------- COPY NWi_OTHERS { COMMENT = "NW_DATATYPE.WARNING1 Extreme user care needs to be taken when using any layer other than (3;0) that default MT form considers t