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Hello All, I am pretty much new to Altium Designer and just started to use it to design PCB. , Whenever I run the drc, I always encounter the silk to board region clearance error. It gives me the message: Silk to Board Region Clearance (Out of Silk Screen Region) Text "" (-138.33mm,-2.3mm) Top Overlay Silk Primitive on Board without silk screen.
Hi, I'm just trying to design the footprint for a QFN Component. The pins, thermal pad, vias, oard geometry, package, etc are already placed, but when thermal pad is placed over the vias (which is the right place for them), drc error 'SMD Pin to Thru Via Spacing' is shown in every via. If I show the element the message is: < drc E
Hi guys I have an error that I can't understand why is happening: 114926 It is the first one. This kind of error has to do with the contacts to the NWELL. I had this error before, but not for this kind of layout (mosfet that will serve as power devices). As you can see I have the contacts to the well but he still gi
Hi All, I plan to do a fabrication in a digital design technology for the first time( I have only experience in analog before). When I am done with my design in encounter and attempt to import my design in virtuoso to do the claibre drc check, I get so many errors on the NW and BP spacing. 114919 114922[
ADS can be used for layout if your PDK has layout features for ADS.Otherwise it should have "Cadence Virtuoso Layout tool(s)" feature.( Maybe both..) After finishing the layout, you have to do " Design Rule Checking" (drc) and "Layout Versus Schematic" ( LVS) to be sure that your layout is error-free and the layout is %100 replica of
Hi, You are facing problems with your layout design. drc- Design Check Rule . So, there are issues with your design..You haven't placed the gates well. Also, Keep in mind the lambda rules while making layouts. A inverter in Microwind should look something like this : 114679
Hi, I am using cadence Virtuoso. After cleaning the drc related issues I started LVS with the Layout. But I am getting the following errors. ########################################### Layer SEED_inddif_hq_6U1x_2U2x_2T8x_LB DELETED -- LVHEAP = 25/415/618 Layer IND_DIF_HQ_nT_MP_M6 DELETED -- LVHEAP = 25/415/618 Layer IND_HQ_POR
I am installing IBM cmrf7sf6AM on my computer. Calibre drc, LVS are ok. But I check the calibre PEX, there are an error: Compilation error: 113656 This is the code which makes error (line 90 is in red): PEX MAP ndiff nsd psd nstap nwtap pwtap PEX MAP ndiff nsd psd PEX MAP PC pc_par pc_
Hi, I am currently doing trial runs on an Inverter to test out the Synopsys tools. I have an Inverter that I'm trying to run drc and LVS on before parasitics. drc runs fine. When I try to do the LVS, it exits with an error "Unable to get HERCULES_HOME_DIR". The command being run is lsh -s Inverter.sch_out -stb Inverter -Q -b Inverter -ev-o
NIMP width must be >= 0.4um NIMP to NIMP spacing must be >=0.4um how to correct these errors.pls help
Hi, I am using Orcad Layout; When I was trying to change the widths of some segments I get a drc error saying "Segment width violation". This is happening to only some segments not all. Has someone faced the same issue? Plz help me with this..
Hi When I am running drc with Hierarchical input option i have a problem when highlighting the drc errors. error is it is not point the correct location of that errors.That means there is no metal or any layer is present in highlighting area.
Visually as 90 degree corners are not a problem/error unless you are doing microwave, an acid trap drc would probably find them as well.
When i connect pin 31 to pin 40 of 89C51 ,I got a drc error in Ares and i can't find reason of that error. Project file below (Proteus 7.8) please help me 112888
Hello all, I have a strange problem running drc check using calibre. When I start Virtuoso, license "111" is succesfully checked out and everything works fine (Schematic, Layout, MMSIM). I implemented the Calibre skill interface in the .cdsinit and the drop down menu in layout editor appears. When I start calibre from within the layout editor d
Hi I make a tpr file that is for description of a one-bit full adder. I add it to L-edit with standard library(from SPR->place and route).the L-edit creates layouts for core and chip,but these layouts have some drc errors that are about select to select spacing! Also when I try to make a spice netlist, there is an other error about "n (...)
Hi, I am doing a layout of a simple common-centroid differential pair with multipliers and fingers using IBM 130nm cmrf8sf. drc runs fine. But i get malformed device error: *error* Device 'nfet(Generic)' on Schematic is unbound to any Layout device. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks.
110231110232110233110234110235110236110237 I am getting a few drc errors in eagle CAD I just want to know if they can be ignored or fixed. 1) Dimension: I have used the 3.5 mm
Hello there, I have drc error which says nwell is hot,though the nwell is connected to vdd!. I am not able to understand why I am getting this error. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. I have attached the layout screen shot for your reference. Thanks in advance, 110026
Eagle's "Dimension" layer should be the outermost layer of PCB design. No tracks should cross it. The Dimension error means that there is some signal too close of Dimension Layer. How much close is enough to gerate an error can be set at the drc configuration.