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Hi! i use Cadence and Assura for the drc and LVS in layout XL. I fill the form of assura LVS and choose the right technology files in each box and i choose the DFII option. BUT when i click ok an error message appears which says: "The specified SKILL device information file was not (...)
Hi I have passed drc and LVS. I'm currently running Calibre PEX to extract my layout. However, when I extract using this setting (L+M, self+mutual inductance), this error shows up: error:Net information could not be built. error:The inputs for the inductance engine (...)
Hi I have passed drc and LVS. I'm currently running Calibre PEX to extract my layout. However, when I extract using this setting (L+M, self+mutual inductance), this error shows up: error:Net information could not be built. error:The inputs for the inductance (...)
Could anyone help me how to turn off the flashing after running the drc? In the Layers Window (LSW) search for a layer named something like drc error and set it to Non Visible (middle button, AFAIR), then click Apply and/or do a redisplay (^R).
Hi serhannn, Please when posting a drc/LVS/QRC error you should be more specific,that is you should show the exact error given by assura/calibre etc...for your case,i think that you should create a n-well contact ring around your pmos transistors and then connect this ring to Vdd.Give it a try and see if this corrects the (...)
Refer to Technology manual for this. If you run drc you should see fails related to latchup if your design does not meet the latch criteria. (or) read the tech manual before trying to design layout.
When you only have drc errors (but LVS clean) you can run post-layout simulations. Nonetheless, the results might be incorrect: let's say that the drc error you have is metal spacing, the capacitance between those 2 nets will be a little higher...
Hi, I am doing amplifier design in Cadence vituoso and am using gpdk180 library my schematic and layout are complete, drc and LVS successful, but when i try to extraxt(Run RCX) i get the error "No cellview for pcapacitor found" There are no paracitic components in gpdk180, how can i extract? Please Help.
Hi I have a problem with my Calibre Interactive when I try to run drc for my layout verification using Virtuoso 6.1.3. It's show the error ' The following products could not be licensed sufficiently". Is it related to the Calibre license because the technician who install my Calibre said the license is find. Hope somebody (...)
hello all, I'm trying to run parasitic extraction using Calibre PEX. My drc runs fine and it gets the rule file automatically, but PEX doesn't. If I use the same rule as drc or use the rule for LVS, in both cases, I get an error "Nothing in layout" in transcript. I have the same pin name (CAPITAL) in both (...)
Hello everyone! I am working on a voltage comparator for my class. I have the simulations working, and have gotten the layout to pass drc. However, running LVS turned up, "Job ......... Failed." So, I checked the output log file, and found that the error seems to be in the schematic netlisting phase, with (...)
hi every one i designed wideband low noise amplifier in that i used one inductor. i met all specifications. IN the layout i used circular type spiral inductor. It showing the error as skewedge in inductor layout (l_nwcr20k). i didnt draw the layout for the inductor i directly taken from the liberary. plz any (...)
hi, I'm doing antenna drc check for my circuit layout by using tsmc 90nm PDK. There are a lot of VIA antenna drc errors in my check summary file. here is the detailed information: A.R.4.VIA2 { @ (VIA2 area / gate area) > 20 NET AREA RATIO VIA2 GATE_VIA M2_DIO > 20 ... Did anyone (...)
Hi everybody! My question is regarding a particular error I get while running PEX on my layout using Cadence & Calibre. I have passed all drc tests, and even LVS. Currently, when I run PEX, all the components in my layout are ignored due to the following errors: error: Could not find (...)
I get the following error when I try to run drc check in the Virtuoso layout Editor window in cadence IC6.1. *error* eval: undefined function - vuidrcRun <<< Stack Trace >>> (... in ibmPdkRunAssuradrc ...) ibmPdkRunAssuradrc() Does anyone know how to resolve this? (...)
for the ASIC flow you can refer : for the drc .. check the log file and see if the path for the rule file is set properly.. and if it is accessing the needed technology file.
To test my software, I draw a simple circuit. No drc error for the layout. Run LVS, and come out the error message: "no enough lvs data exists for this run lvs may not have run to completion lvs run not opened " My system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. I don't have this problem in (...)
Hi all , forum helped me a lot , however i still have a problem this time with Hercules: I use Cosmos as layout tool with his default demo lib. When i tryed to check any cell for drc an error happens Hercules (R) Hierarchical Design Verification, IA.32 Release B-2008.09.18103 2008/08/21 (C) (...)
Friends, I'm using IBM cms9flp technology for circuit design. When I tried to do drc on my layout using Assura-->drc, an error message popped up, saying "Failed to build VDB, can't submit drc run". I'm pretty sure the design rule path and switch name were correctly set.......Does anyone (...)
Hello all. When I run ASSURA drc on my layout I'm told there is one "DataAuditerrors". The area highlighted in my layout that is the cause of this error is a ring substrate contact (I have this for no other purpose other than as a contact for electrochemical etching. i.e. (...)