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Hi, I'm using the saed 90nm PDK with Synopsys Custom Designer tool. When I try to run the drc using the layout Editor I get the following error: 136106 Also, I've got confuse to what type of simulator (Caliber or Hercules or IC_valudator) to use for drc. Please help if anyone knows how to solve (...)
In 110nm tech while running drc for capacitor i am getting this error how can i rectify this "in n_well , poly 1 overlap n+ diffusion is not allow".
hello, i'm new with analog design with this pack of ibm and i have a trouble that i can't solve. I'm doing a simple inverter with Mentor Graphics in this technology and in the schematic i put the subc for the NMOS, but i don't have a contact for the substrate of the PMOS, and when i do the drc, this is an error message (...)
I am not able to resolve the following drc error in a UMC65 design. L2.D Minimum L2 density cross full chip is 10% What is L2?
ADS can be used for layout if your PDK has layout features for ADS.Otherwise it should have "Cadence Virtuoso layout tool(s)" feature.( Maybe both..) After finishing the layout, you have to do " Design Rule Checking" (drc) and "layout Versus Schematic" ( (...)
Hi, I am doing a layout of a simple common-centroid differential pair with multipliers and fingers using IBM 130nm cmrf8sf. drc runs fine. But i get malformed device error: *error* Device 'nfet(Generic)' on Schematic is unbound to any layout device. Any ideas on how to solve this? (...)
Hi everybody: I am using AMS H35 tech for HV-Processor M0 Chip. The P&R and drc have passed. Now I am using Assura to do LVS and encounter some wired problems. Who has some ideals? thanks and regards error: Device 'cds_thru(Generic)' on schematic is unbound to any layout device Device 'RDIFFP3(RES)' on (...)
Hi! I have a problem with Calibre Interactive. When I try to run drc for my layout verification ,it gives the error ' The following products could not be licensed sufficiently". Hope somebody can help me please..
Hello all. I finished my layout for an inverter a couple of hours ago and ran drc and LVS with no errors (they were successful). I then needed to make a layout for an xor gate which used two inverters. After I used the "pick from schematic" option, I instantly ran a drc (...)
Dear all I am using NMOS transistors. when I do the drc I got a message of "floating NSUNB" while as I think i should not receive like this message if the nmos has PSUB ?? thank you
hii , I am new to layout . I use assure for drc checks , and I have an error : "PP.EN.2 3 enclosure of PW strap >=0.03 " I only used OD (oxide diffusion ) on the layout editor , and th error came by . Plz help me in resolving this , thnx
Hi, I have two questions: 1. Why for some cells, IBM_PDK and Calibre is not shows on Virtuoso menubar? 2 Why I get "RROR: Specified primary cell XXX is not located within the input layout database" error message while doing drc on some cells? Where is the "input layout database" and how can I add other (...)
Hi, I already installed the IBM 90n 9LP design kit from MOSIS and designed an inverter layout to test drc and LVS checking before starting use this DK. During LVS running the following error ocurred: error (AVVSI-10001): Input layout is incomplete. If you still want to continue the (...)
1. We have Configured the 65NM UMC library successfully and able to run schematic level simulation in spectre. 2. I have converted the schematic into the layout . During this time MOS Transistors are displayed with a cross-mark(see the attachement). 3. Then when i try for drc run, drc VDB error message is (...)
Hi all, I want to perform post layout simulation of sram cell in cadence 6.1.4. I have completed drc n lvs steps successfully with assura.But i can't extract gives error that "no directory found". I have attached screenshots of settings for directory please help me if anybody can solve this problem...Thanks (...)
I completed a ORCAD 10.5 schematic. I ran the drc with all switches set except check for SDT compatibility and had no errors. I attempted to run a layout netlist (.mnl). It aborts very quickly and returns these errors in the Session Log: error layout DB (...)
Hi, guys, I have an error when I try to run the Chameleon tool in cadence for the layout drc Check. it looks like this: *** error: FlexLM was unable to grant authorization to use the 'Chameleon_Basic' feature. Possible reasons are : - all available 'Chameleon_Basic' licenses are being used - the (...)
you should include "EXCLUDE CELL " into the drc rules.
Hi, all, When I'm trying to do drc/LVS/PEX verification with Calibre, it stops at the "Waiting for layout viewer to export cell ...", while the CIW window shows "Calibre normal exit" with no verification results pops up. so what could be the reason? Thanks in advance.
I am using Cadence for the designing an flipped voltage follower. I'm a bit stuck understanding what these error messages mean in the drc checker. if there is a link where I can find an explanation please let me know, otherwise I'd really appreciate some help understanding the following: 1. Welnotr_StamperrorFloat (NWEL