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I have drawn the layout checked drc and lvs while extracting the layout the reisitors are not getting extracted pls help this is the error showing in cadence viruoso Delete psf data in /root/simulation/PMOSTEST/spectre/schematic/psf. generate netlist... Begin Incremental Netlisting Jul 6 05:33:48 2015 WARNING (OSSHNL-160): Th
Hello friends, I am using UMC 90nm technology in Cadence6.1. I am able to view the results of Assura drc and Assura lvs but when it comes to Assura rcx, then in log file it shows the error as no technology directory can you please help me in this.
Hi msdarvishi, My TSMC kit does not support Assura, only Calibre. drc is strightforward : "runset" is not compulsory. In the kit installation directory, you should have a "Calibre" directory, with "drc", "lvs" and "rcx" subdirectories. Just load Calibre/drc/calibre.drc rule file for default (...)
Dear all, I wonder if the tsmc 65nm kits are compatible with assura drc. Compatibility with Assura lvs and Assura rcx seems ensured, but I cannot made drc work... In the Assura directory of the kit, there is no drc.rul or similar one, whereas the "training" included in the PDK clearly mention the (...)
Hi all, I want to perform post layout simulation of sram cell in cadence 6.1.4. I have completed drc n lvs steps successfully with assura.But i can't extract gives error that "no directory found". I have attached screenshots of settings for directory please help me if anybody can solve this problem...Thanks in advance...[A
hi, I can not see the av_extrated view in assura 317. I am using cadence 514 for schematic and by using SDL I am generate the layout which passses from zero drc and lvs match. but when I was try to run rcx it is failed. and one av_extrated file is generate which is blank. Thanx
Hi, I am doing amplifier design in Cadence vituoso and am using gpdk180 library my schematic and layout are complete, drc and lvs successful, but when i try to extraxt(Run rcx) i get the error "No cellview for pcapacitor found" There are no paracitic components in gpdk180, how can i extract? Please Help.
Hey! I've designed an LNA in Cadence (TSMC 0.35um CMOS technology). After successfully running drc and lvs, when I tried to run rcx on my layout design, it gave the following errors: 'Can't access compare.rul' 'error loading master control file rcx.trial2.rsf' (my cell view name is trial 2) 'error in loadstring' I read over (...)
I am using IBM CMOS 8RF technology, I can pass drc, lvs smoothly. But when I do the rcx, if I choose, lvs Extracted View as the output, I can easily do and I can get an extracted view without parasistic parameters. If I choose, Extracted View as the output, I almost I can not start the extraction. It report a warinng in the (...)
can we run lvs and rcx even if the layout is not drc error free....
"No technology directory found" is a known problem with IBM kits using QRC/rcx extraction. drc and lvs will run smoothly, but QRC/rcx don't find the tech data. \o Assura rcx Run: Loading Technology Data. Standby... First of all, your PDK should be loading QRC, not rcx. To do this, (...)
I have used ASSURA and CALIBRE and both are quite good for drc, lvs and rcx. Although I found CALIBRE to be quite painful when it comes to representation of some forms of lvs errors. Both these tools are widely used in industry and supported by almost all foundries.
For my layout, I have passed the drc and lvs checking using Assura. As I do the extraction in RC or R only extraction mode, it gives out the error and stated: *ERROR* FAILED ASSERTION at ?reconnect?: rcx net 1722 cannot be mapped to lvs net If I use C only extraction mode, it could do the extraction. Could (...)
After renew the license, I run the Assura rcx with error. (drc and lvs are alright) But it is only happened in sparc Solaris machine, it is alright in x86 Linux machine. I use same layout to do the test. Both Linux and Solaris use IC5141 and Assura3.1.7. Please help! rcx Error message Assura (tm) Physical (...)
Hi, after running drc and lvs I try the rcx parasitic extraction asking for the extracted view but I had this errors: *ERROR* No library model for device "y ivpcell" *ERROR* No library model for device "y ivpcell" *ERROR* No library model for device "x ivpcell" *ERROR* No library model for device "y ivpcell" I haven't the (...)
I am designing an UWB LNA with TSMC 0.18 RF CMOS PDK. I have finished the drc. lvs with Assura, all are ok. However, when i run rcx after lvs, an error occured: "memory fault, core dumped". I tried the design flow with a simple circuit that has only an inductor (ind_sym in the PDK), all are ok. I am using IC5141 and (...)
Hi all, I am working on two verification flows from drc to PEX; the first flow is full Assura flow (drc, lvs, and rcx), and the other flow is: Calibre drc/lvs -> Maping SVDB data through qurey server -> Run QRC. What should be expected is to have the same output SPICE netlist (...)
Hello everyone!!! What kind of files are usually included in a PDK??? Please tell me if these are some of those files, and if so, which others am I missing Technology file Schematic symbols Pcells lvs runset drc rusent rcx files thanks for your help, diemilio
Right, there are so many tools for doing a complete IC design work. For basic IC design tools, you need schematic design entry + circuit (Spice) simulation; physical layout design, physical verification (drc, lvs, rcx). Virtuoso layout = physical layout design tool Assura = physical verification tool Both tools are provided by Cadence (...)
Hi, r u doing all ur thing from command prompt or a gui based.....I am familiar with the later one.....what we do there is following.... from layout ...after drc...lvs....u extract (may be rcx or what ever) the layout...... there is a option of "hierarchy editor"....u have to do it all there........u may find it in the "User Guide" (...)