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Salam, Hello I have a problem in defining the waveport in the driven terminal solution type in the HFSS. I do not have the below steps (check the attached image) as those existing in the HFSS V10 User Guide> I am using HFSS v13. Once i go for HFSS --> Excitations --> Assign --> waveport, i get the below dialog (...)
I am modeling a microstrip patch antenna using driven terminal solution and coax with waveport feed in HFSS. Can I know in HFSS which TEmn, TMmn, TEM modes are excited? Where can I see this info in HFSS? Also, when do I use the driven modal or the eigenmode solutions? Or what information do they give that is different (...)
Hi everyone, I am not sure how to choose the size of waveport in driven terminal. Can anyone give me some suggestion? The dimensions of my structure (see the attached picture or HFSS file): Height of substrate, h=0.762mm; Width of microstrip line, w=1.98mm; Operation frequency, f=14.25GHz; Wavelength=21.053mm; Wavelength/2=
I am simulating a patch antenna in HFSS with a probe feed. The probe is excited by waveport on a coax similar to the HFSS example. My coax height is just 2mm and radius is 1.6mm. Coax pin is 1mm radius. My bandwidth frequencies are 2-2.8 GHz. I am using the driven terminal solution. I am not sure if the size of the waveport (...)
I have made a dipole antenna, and I drove the two differential input ports with the waveport in differential driven terminal mode. The simulation went well, but when I plot the far field, it was found that the field is actually the single input field, not with differential input. I tried both simulation mode: driven model (...)
hi 1-you should solve problem in driven Modal not driven terminal. 2-you should define waveport properly. 3- to obtain accurate results, define microstrip sheet as copper. 4-it is recommended to define the frequency sweep symmetrical around the solution frequency.
Hi, zahriladha. I think in HFSS, if you are using driven Modal and waveport, the HFSS will calculate the intrinsic impedance of your port (not necessary 50 Ohm) and use that as the terminal impedance for your S-parameter. However, you can renormalize your port impedance to 50 Ohm in the waveport options. If you are (...)
If you have only one terminal just use the driven modal solver. To get the impedance and effective dielectric constant it would be very tedious to do it on HFSS you may use other fre packages such as linegauge from zeland software
Hi, I do a simulation about microstrip line based one the driven terminal soultion type.I set up two waveport one the two ends of the ustrip.But I find that the mesh is diffrent from the two sides.This causes the S11 or Zo is different at two port.This obviously is incorrect.May I make some adjustment to let the mesh symmerty? Thanks (...)