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The best choice is a dimmable driver with 0-5V control or PWM control. I suggest any MOSFET with logic gate drive and low RdsOn will do. I assume you know Ohm's Law. You also need a good heatsink for LED and wiser to buy than
Hello, Have just been running switch mode LED driver demo boards from and I usually do Analog dimming, so am not used to listening out for ?whining? during PWM dimming. However, all of these boards ?whine? when PWM dimmed?.the whining sound varies as the PWM dimming frequency is varied (kind of as you?d (...)
Hello, The MAX16834 LED driver IC obviously performs disconnection of its error amplifier output from the feedback compensation components during PWM dimming ?OFF? intervals. (this can be seen from the block diagram on page 8 of the max16834 datasheet, where a switch can be seen at the output of the error amplifier). This feature vastly improv
Hi all, I want a dimming driver for controlling incandescent Lamp. Input voltage is 0-10V DC. Output voltage is 0-230VAC phase dimmable. This standard drivers are available in the market? Kindly suggest where can i get this driver.
I am trying to build automotive dimmable EL-driver with data: VCC +12V, EL-Lamp 3 inch2, 330Hz, dimming range 70-160V, dimming is controlled from microcontroller by 2-10ms 5V impulses. I have tried a few chips, but they tend to be very capricious. I have put the scheme together according to the manual, but they still break during testing. (...)
I need a schmatic driver for led cree xm-l t6 , with discret components(resistor,transistor,etc) . 3.2-3.7 V , 3000mA (max) . Thx!
Hello, Page 14 of the LM3421 LED driver IC datasheet gives a solution circuit for implementing analog dimming of the leds. Unfortunately that circuit allows the analog dimming, but does not allow one to know exactly what dimming level one is dimming to (it just allows one to dim to more or less level) (...)
You don't need a MCU to make an LED driver unless you want dimming control. Furthermore the MCU will be low voltage drive @ 30mA +/-5. If this current is intended to drive 32 LEDs @ 3.2V you need to convert 3.7 to 100V at 3Watts average load. We call this a 32 Series or 32S string. Often when voltages exceed 50 Voltages they are put into ser
Hello, We are doing a buckboost led driver using LM3429. (15W) We want to flash the leds on and off at ~2Hz. We intend to use the nDIM pin to do this. ... though can we use a BJT instead of a FET to take nDIM low and turn the leds off? (example shown on page 14, figure 13 of datasheet)
I don't need a resistor in series with the LEDs because they are 3W LEDs supplied by a constant current driver. All I need to do is make sure the resistance is the same when the LEDs are off and on. This doesn't make sense, you want to use PWM to dim leds connected to a consta
Hello, I have a small circuit based around an LM3409 LED driver. I need to control the analog dimming using 2 inputs. Inputs are 0 or 5v. I will be using logic level FETs. The LM3409's analog input pin is a 1.24V 50uA supply that can either be varied using an external analog voltage, or reduced by tying it to ground through resistors. Attached is
Hello, We are driving LEDs for TV backlights. We are doing Analog dimming, and the LED current maximum is 500mA. We can change the LED current at a speed of 25mA per millisecond. Do you think this will be quick enough? We cannot change the current any faster, as the offline LED driver starts oscillating and switching noisily. (
Can anyone give me a good reference for a Angle Detector, dimming Decoder and Controller for LED driver? The only reference I have is the National Semiconductor DataSHeet which is . It is in figure 1 page 7 and the explanations are in page 10 and 11 respectively. I already finished my design for the co
To eliminate dimming of segments you need to have a constant current driver. Whenever you switch on a segment you are drawing slightly more current from that segment which will cause your other segments to dim.
Driving 4 high power LEDs RGBW using a microcontroller (4-chnl PWMs) with a 4 channel built-in high-current driver. I can use the PWMs for dimming and also to provide different flashing sequences for each channel separately. But what about color mixing? What is it? Where can I get an algorithm and software example to produce color mixing?
HI, I built this led driver,and it's very good.But I have a problem.I would like to build a PWM dimming with microcontroller(AVR or PIC), but I don't know plan is two pushbutton- up and down. Please put in schematic. Many thanks Added after 5 minutes: The link:
I am suffering from designers block (lol). I have a led driver circuit that runs on a 12Vac supply. It accepts also a PWM dimming input. My aim is to keep to a two wire supply system:- My first thought was that I could have a 12VAC supply and modulate a 100hz PWM signal over the power line. The idea was with a couple of simple p