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Can I drive 12v coil relay with 24V power supply
Thank you for the suggestions every one. I did some working over the past days and this is what I have concluded, RS 485 works fine without common ground connection between transmitter and receiver. Secondly, the microcontroller was able to turn the relay on when I applied 2N3906 or a general purpose PNP which was driving the 2N2222 transistors. Th
hi i am doing project flying robot. first i am designing driving ckt for 12v dc motor.. i am using 8051 controller. i am using port 0 as output port, which is connected to buffer4050, out put of buffer is connectd to uln2003 through diode. out put of uln is given to 12v relay to which motor is connected. by this ckt i am (...)
hey guys i want some help i want to driving 12v 60 ohm realy coil using 12v 400 mA battery now i have to control the power supply of the battery to relay using microcontroller so can u give me a circuit with the specification of all necessary transistor , resistors and other components needed..
If I have this right, the PWM is driving a relay coil, with one end of the coil to ground? You would need a capacitor across the relay coil and diode between the PWM source and the +12v end of the coil/capacitor. The delay would depend on the size of the capacitor, the resistance of the coil, and the drop-out voltage of the (...)
Hi, I've a circuit with a RC clocked PIC16F84A driving 2 12v relais for motor control by 2 npn transistor. I use a PIC port to start stop motor and 2 other ports to drive relais for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. My problem is that sometimes switching pushbutton my pic fails and it stops working and LM7805 that supply it becomes v