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I am looking for a design to implement Phase locked dro or PLdro. During literature survey, I find the only way to implement this is by using a SRD comb generator and a phase detector to phase lock the Vt-dro,it requires a sweep circuit too(sampling phase locked detector,SPLD),which makes it too complicated.(Vt-dro (...)
I would recommend a push-push dro using a SiGe or GaAs active device.
Hi! I am currently designing a dielectric resonator oscillator (dro) with a fixed 4GHz frequency. I acquired some dielectric resonators and fashioned a cca. 50ohm microstrip line with 2 SMA connectors on its ends. I plugged the connectors into a vector network analyzer and placed a dielectric resonator cylinder next to the line, but however I mo
113796 Hi friends! Does anybody recognize the component in the picture? I guess it is a MMIC amplifier but I have no idea about its manufacturer. I could not read its label, it is like L 9550 or L 9S50... search with these words did not make me find something related. The circuit is part of the low cost microwave motion
There are many topplogies for those frequencies like dro,YIG, Ceramic Resonator oscillator, etc. What kind of topology you intend to use ? What purpose will work for ??? Forget about Colpitts,Hartley,Clapp oscillators and lumped L-C components they are not suitable for those frequencies.You should consider either Distributed type (...)
If you are a beginner, I would suggest to see first how others do it. Buy a cheap satellite Low Noise Block Down Converter, and open it. On the CB you can see the amplifier stages as well as the mixer and dro. Many amateurs have modified the LNB to operate as a keyed transmitter. Simply take the dro output and using a short coax or stripline, conn
well, about 50 MILLION electric door openers around the world might suggest that you CAN put a 10 GHz dro on an FR4 substrate!
Hi, I got a question regarding Microwave dro (Dielectric Resonator oscillator). Could anyone explain how sensitive is the output frequency of a dro with the dielectric resonator placement between coupling lines? If the oscillator is set to work at 10 GHz, what will be the variation of output frequency with the (...)
you can use a tuning screw over the top to adjust the frequency slightly. You can put a few drops of epoxy on top of the puck to lower F, and grind away a little material off top to raise F.
hello every one. I find no words to describe my situation. there is 2 months that I am designing a dro oscillator in microstrip technology at 10 GHz I tried the following figure, but without success. 75151 Please, help me, soon my academic defense and I have done nothing yet. if you know a schema, a list of s
First case is dro with parallel feedback. Second case is Band-Pass-Filter microstrip feedback (dro replaced with λ/4 microstrip). First case is well known "cost effective" stable oscillator. Few MHz frequency drift is not a surprice for dro. But it seems that it is not so cost effective: for desired frequency we (...)
Make it directly 10GHz by using Microstrip-for instance- base grounded oscillator.It's more straightforward.. Oh thanks, just googled it and found some schematic of grounded base oscillator. Actually i thought that 10GHz oscillators are (almost)always done by using dro, and was excited by "simple" microstrip contruct
Dielectric Resonator oscillators I think cross-coupled structure doesn't allow for maximum variation near resonance in order to insure high circuit
I'm designing a dielectric resonator oscillator in a series feedback configuration at 9.2GHz. I stimulated this circuit with ADS before it was actually built. I used spice model for ATF36077 transistor. The simulation included Harmonic Balance- Transient- large signal test and nyquist test. Coupling of dielectric resonator around to the microstrip
Aye, Short of recalibrating the Di Lithium crystals, there is not much you can do! Those two big ceramic pucks control the frequency, and do not appear to have any voltage controlled tuning mechanism. You can not tune a dro oscillator very far in frequency, even if they did. If you really have to do it with that LNB, I would look around for tu
Hi Zoarbary See the Images attached. In first attachment, you will see a microstrip resonator in feedback insted of dro. But the technique looks same. I think The oscillator shown in the application note is is not designed by negative resistance oscillator design technique. See second attachment. You need to adjust phase shift. (...)
1 to 10-3 is not that difficult i.e. you are asking for a stability of 2-3 MHz at 2,5 GHz. Not that easy with a L/C oscillator, but a Hi-Q resionator should do it. Cavity might be one option, or a dro (dielectric resonator), Make your own resonator with a low-loss coax (semi rigid) and a good multi turn capacitor (johanssen), and be very careful wi
Most RF transistors need input matching and output matching(conjugate matching) to achieve maximal gain. However, the PARALLEL FEEDBACK DIELECTRIC RESONATOR oscillatorS(dro) do not need the matching. Here comes the problem: if there is no matching, the loop gain of the PARALLEL FEEDBACK dro in Agilent ADS is too small to start (...)
Any body with some Good links for dro design in ADS.
I am currently designing a PLL at 2 GHz using SPLD. Has anyone done temperature cycling of the cricuit and PLL is able to track the VCO or dro temperature variations ? Regarding the sweep cricuit, I am using a wein-bridge oscillator and biasing it to the desired voltage level. But I found the amplitude of the oscillator is not stable. Can (...)