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i want the code for setting time in ds1307 using i2c mechanism and im interfacing with galileo board
I simply displaying time on 4 Seven Segments as HR n MIN. It shows 10:52 continously(Which is set once at first time) then there is no update Before 2 days back....everything is OK. but then after i cant understood whats problem with it. Hardware is ok as it was running before 2 days so there is no problem with it. SCL/SDA are pulled high w
Good Day Guys. Pls can anyone help me explain this part of this code. I've gone through the register in the data sheet but still confused. The coloured part is the problem. // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RB4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RB5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RB6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at R
Hi! I'm doing a small project as a hobby which displays time in a big font and date. I'm using ds1307, PIC18F45K22 and 20x4 LCD. The clock is working fine. But I have some issues when displaying the time using a big font. Some digits are not displaying properly. Also I want to display time in 12 hr mode and display AM/PM depending on the time. I'm
my ds1307 is not keeping time when powered off , it though saves the current time when powered which is wiered . It simply continues from the point it left off . I checked the pin 3 is getting 3.2V from a lithium battery as the datasheet is requiring . and i am not setting any time in my code also if i had done that i would get same time all t
Hi friends, Am posting the code this code am getting a problem that clock runs quickly without going accordingly with our real time clock please help me out please..... Thanks in advance #include sbit set=P1^2; sbit mov=P1^3; sbit inc=P1^4; sbit dec=P3^7; sbit ent=P3^6; void all_disp(); void time_set(); #define
On ds1307 after we setting bits for 12Hr mode with AM/PM, on next roll over i.e. 12Hr -1Hr, will AM/PM bit change automatically or not?
Hi. I am new to using ds1307, though i have been able to make it work. But I thought after setting the date and time that the day of the week will automatically be set. it only changes at 12 midnight. I want it to set the DOW anytime I do a new setting of date. Must i always set the day of the week? Please, what do i do? help.
ivalex, Follows observations regarding your doubt to previous sugestions I posted : 1 ) By hardware : If the output pin of the RTC is configured to generate a clock, detecting a signal there, you can assume that the IC was already started to work. > You got the exact concept sugested. By reading the output pin you know if ds1307 is
My clock using AT89S52 and ds1307 RTC and 16X2 LCD is working well. But I have a problem. When I switch off the power supply and switch on again the second digits starts counting from 0.For example, if I switch off at 4:16:24 and switch on again it shows 4:16:00!!!!!!!!!!. Please help
Thanks cristianp. Please tell me how enable 12-hour format with this file #include <16F876a.h> #include <ds1307.h> #fuses NOWDT,XT, PUT, NOPROTECT, BROWNOUT ,NODEBUG ,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #use rs232(baud=9600,parity=N,xmit=PIN_A0,rcv=PIN_A1,bits=8) #zero_ram int DATE,MTH,YR,HR,MT,SECDS,DOW; // void main() {