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You want to design.............. a scope probe? With that much voltage, it will be at least 10X, preferably a 100X one. No need to have active devices. A resistor divider will do. And for those kind of voltages, it would be best if you go to 10Mohm. Since the dso's input has some capacitance, you'll have to factor a capacitor in parallel with the
Old Analog Sampling oscilloscopes work on the basis of the resolution of the time delay resolution and not just the sampling rate. That is how they achieved ns resolution repetitive waveforms using very fast sample and hold methods. The better dso's do the same thing to improve bandwidth resolution for repetitive waveforms. This of course doesn't
I am on a tight budget and I want to buy a scope for hobby use; I found this cheap digital oscilloscope: It's $70 USD, fits in pocket. It says 80Vpp max in
I want to buy an oscilloscope for analyzing power electronics waveform. So it should be of atleast 50Mhz bandwidth if analog or of 500Ms/sec atleast for dso. Problem is that I m student and cant afford much money for this. My budget is about 500-700 US $. Pls recommend some name and model of the oscilloscope considering the above facts. btw I m
Hi, Anyone knows of how to gain access to a good Oscilloscope (dso preferred, with at least 50MHz bandwidth, 2-Ch min) in Bangalore ? I am willing pay (something reasonable) for using the equipment, for few hours over of couple of days. Willing to travel down to any part of Bangalore. If you know of anyone providing such equipment on short ter
Hello, What is a suitable analog input bandwidth for a dso scope that can be used for designing offline flybacks for up to 40W? Switching frequencies is 100KHz or less.
Finally I last year I bought faclon dso 18K 20Mhz bandwidth its value for money Sorry for delayed reply buzy with my real time project
chk this out
Designing a 10Mhz analogic bandwidth dso is not a simple thing even with FPGA. An old and reference design could be found here: Remember that 10Mhz analogic bandwidth means at least 20MHz Nyquist sampling, and an oversampling up to 40MHz will probably be necessary for aquiring all kind of shape
Hey there. What kind of signal conditioning is required for a dso ? And what determines (limits) the dso's bandwidth ?
Hi, Many commercially available PC based dsos sample signals up to few hundreds MSPS in real time mode and up to few GSPS in repetitive mode. For real time mode, it should be no problem to aquire data if the banwidth of the analog section is at least up to Nyquist rate. But in repetitive mode, the analog section should respect the same criteria i
Hi, I have just look at the specification of Instek' dso : GDS-840C The bandwidth is 250 MHz, but the Real-Time Sample Rate is maximum 100 Ms/s on each channel !!! Is that mean that I can measure nonperiodic input signal with 250 Mhz ( single-shot ) ? Any ideas how they do it ?