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Why would you want to connect them to a Spartan 6 FPGA? Wouldn't it be much more convenient to wire them to a microcontroller (or two microcontrollers, if you like the redundance) and control their chip select lines with mcu GPIOs? You can then do with a smaller FPGA for your dsp needs, which will be a far cheaper and easier (...)
HEllo , I am designing a Pure sine wave inverter, Plz suggest me any mcu or dsp which satisfy the following needs 1) Independent pwm, 2) easily available 3) not too much costly 4) simulation software should be easily available
what is your application? you need a PLL that its output follows voltage angle and a Park transform. then determine Iq (which is perpendicular to voltage vector) amplitude according to your demanded power factor. all can be implemented by software in dsp or mcu. Good Luck
Hi! We are currently doing some experiments on LTE by using software defined radio. We write our program in CCS 5 and use the Spectrum Digital emulator to test the program. The boards we are using have already integrated dsp, FPGA, and mcu. We want to send some particular data from eNodeB to UE to test the accuracy of the (...)
Some GPP's/mcu's/dsp's have integrated floating point units as co-processors (for example the: Cortex M4F). Are their any devices that implement floating point as part of the core architecture - and not as an integrated coprocessing unit ?
PCB design: Cadence Allegro 15.2 / 15.7 / 16.2 / 16.5 Schematic design: FPGA, dsp, mcu, etc. ADC / DAC high-speed interfaces Hardware design using Xilinx and Altera FPGAs. e-mail:
Hello,all, I want to use a RF modulator which needs four IQ signals(TxBBIN/TxBBIP/TxBBQN/TxBBQP),and I know these BB signals are generally produced by dsp or ARM circuit. My question is that I have only one BB signal from mcu, how can I deal with it and transfer it to four IQ signals? thanks a lot!
I would look at the dspic33f or dspic30f series from Microchip. They are powerful, cheap, fast 16-bit micros with on board dsp engine for heavy duty maths. The development tools are also free downloads. If you go to you will find a lot of information and application notes.
Hi , all I am using ARM cortex-M3 processor .I need to implement bandpass Chebyshev type I filter of certain order and parameters.For that purpose I am trying to use CMSIS-dsp library (APIs).Full detailed description of the API is here :
Which software do you use to design and implement digital filters - any kind of filters (Audio, Images, Video, etc)? I want to do a short survey, so please answer the following: 1- Student/Worker 2- Software tool(s) 3- Hardware target (i.e. mcu dsp, FPGA, etc.) 4- Type of digital filters (FIR/IIR, 1D/2D..., Order, ...) 5- (...)
Hi, guess this was announced today and thought I share this news with the group. ARM keeps up the pressure on all competitors with continuous innovation in the mcu sector. Check out the available information here or check the ARM website. I would be interested what kind of applications the members of this forum
Hi every one ; 1st december I will start a new project about dsp-arm and tft module , but i dont have too much experience , i need some help. first question is , can dsp's drive tft? i mean do i need use arm mcu? second, for 5.5 inch tft, do you have any suggestion (samsung , hitachi....)? third, (...)
Texas Instruments ( ) sells floating point dsp (C67xx family) and Floating-Point digital signal Controllers (TMS320F283xx ) which are a sort of hybrid between dsp and mcu. Also Analog Devices ( ) produces floating point dsp (SHARC and Tiger SHARC families). I don't know if (...)
Hello all, personally I don't think that in the future FPGAs will replace dsps. Modern dsp processors are not designed to do only MAC operations: the border line between GPP/mcu and dsp is not so clear as in the past (just consider TI C6000 family, the DaVinci and OMAP series or Analog (...)
I have searched that material, but I could not find. But that concept is very easy. First you have to sample the wave about 32 or 64 with ADC and OPAMP (Do not use diode rectifier!!!) Second, you may use RMS formula through dsp or high speed mcu. (It is used to floating point math). Third, you need to multiply the value by scale (...)
Hi I have MATLAB with me,A few books about MATLAB and dsp, and some Microchip dspIC controller samples. and ICD2 to programe dspIC. I am reasonabily sound in mcu work,but new to dsp. Any simple projects which I can start with the above (...)
TI has unique dsp processor and popular MSPxx mcu technology for widespread applications such as mobile phone, radar, low-power instruments etc, moreover it extends to analog/RF fields to build its kingdom by merging two advanced chip companies Burr-Brown and Chipcon. In one word, TI possesses leading products in both (...)
Does anyone know of a mcu or dsp that runs as cold as -55C (about -60F), and has an intergrated ADC?
Hi! How can I determine total current consumption of an mcu-dsp etc? I have read from datasheets for dspIC (30MIPS, 16xPLL, 5V, 25degC, PDIP40) that its Idd is 132mA at that conditions and that its maximum consumption current on all ports (from absolute maximum ratings) is 200mA. Is my total consumption current sum of (...)
First of all, do you know what is an embedded system? Embedded systems can be powered by a dsp processor, or a FPGA, thus not necessary restricted to a RISC microprocessor or a microcontroller. and you did not specify what exactly do you want to compare between FPGA, dsp and mcu. Production volume? (...)