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Hi, I need to learn programming the TMS 320C54xx dsp, I want any thing related to this, ebooks pdfs tutorials, please share if you have any such material, espeicially if you have an ebook. Bro!! you must really visit "" , If you register for a "getting started with dsp" section TI if will send you a
I want books related to dsp using MATLAB if anybody knows can send links plz!!!!!
Hi Can anyone send me dsp Mitra 3rd edition solutions for chapter 2 and 3. Thank you
Hi, do you already have a background on dsps?
Hello, I'm dealing with synchronisation issue, that is a big problem for me. I read some ebooks about PLL so I understand (theoretically) its functionality. My dsp must be able to generate (internally) a sine wave which is frequency-locked to an external TTL reference signal with an error about 0.01Hz (at 20kHz). The frequency range of th
is very low bandwidth.
that is a "signals and systems" book with matlab.. But if you require a specific matlab book for dsp... then go here.... Digital Signal Processing using Matlab... by Proakis... regards, arunmit168. :) :)

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