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I want to learn about dsp processors (TMS320F28335/312)programming ..can any one suggest me some books or websites where i can learn about it from???Thanks in advance
have a look at TI's pages
i am bit confuse in selecting 16-bit architecture device family. In my project there is need of dsp. so i think dspIC30 and dspIC33 will fullfill my requirement. but i don't know the basic difference between these family.
Although originally dsp processors have been developed to deal with large scale of processing calculation, currently these differences gradually are are being reduced due to the modern "general purpose" 32-bit architectures which have incorporated floating point ALU and many intrinsic mathematical operations. +++
SOC means for me multiple programmable indenpendant cores (dsp or processors) in same chip.
Hi, I have to present a project using Digital Signal processors. I have never attempted a project before but I am keen in making one. Can anyone help me regarding how to start with the project and i browsed the topic but couldn't find anything convincing. It would be a great motivation for me if u could suggest me t
Salam ,Dear all , Please I need urgent the CD of Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK, could someone give me a link to download it? or i can provide my mail for this... thanks in advance :-)
High level programming languages as C have replaced many applications that required assembly language. Even dsp applications now use C. Optimizations in speed and size of memory that can painfully be done in assembler. Are no longer necessary because in general memory is cheap and processors got very powerful. Nevertheless knowing assembler would n
I have Seminar on the processors which are used in dsp for real time application , for image & video enhancement. So tell me the processors Or Board like some Texas board which are used in dsp
hi, i want to integrate OPENCV with dsp board to do a project on face recognition..i have implemented the facial recognition algorithm on PC using VISUAL STUDIO and OPENCV...i know nothing about digital please suggest me some suitable dsp board and some beginners' tutorials...THANKS in advance
High-end ARM cores (Cortex A for example) established themselves as the leaders in embedded application processing. In the same time the market offers many dsp devices with stronger processing capabilities that can run an OS with rich user interfaces (Linux, Android, Windows CE etc...) - nonetheless ARM continues to rule. When considerin
Hi All, I am working as consultant and i am required to design a new dsp board using the TI DM8xx processor. I have done design and simulation using the Altium for ARM9 Samsung S3C24xx, LPC 22xx processors but this dsp hardware design is new to me. I don't know how to proceed in this as i am doing this design for very first time. I would (...)
Can you tell long-forms of GDP,ZDP,PYP related to dsp processors?
Hi I have some basic idea about these processors and controllers. I find a lot of info on the internet and now I have an idea as to how they differ. dsps and Microprocessors in their architecture and functionality and controllers with their ability to hold program memory, thereby execute more specific operations like in Pulse Width (...)
hi all, i am started working on c6713 dsk with ccs 3.1. where will i find projects/tutorials for learning this. i just new to this. previously, i was working with controllers, no having ideas about dsp processors.i just made led to toggle with c6713 dsk using ccs 3.1 so, it will very help i if get some books/ sites for understanding and de
GSM modem used something called base band processors. they are not low wnd controllers. they are dsp based controllers , and are usually 32 bit ARM processors. ---------- Post added at 17:52 ---------- Previous post was at 17:50 ---------- you cannot design a GSM chip at home... you can use any controller t
I am going to face my BOSCH interview very soon. I have plans to add Signals and Systems, basics of dsp as my area of interest. Really they are my area of interest. I have no knowledge on dsp processors. But regarding the theory I am it advisable to have this as my area of interest? Please help me. Thank you
Hy all, I am working on a project whit a BF561 ezKit (EZ-KIT LITE EVALUATION KIT FOR Adsp-BF561 BLACKFIN PROCESSOR | Blackfin processors | processors and dsp | Analog Devices ) that is supposed to take the video feed out of a video camera and send it to a
Hi everybody, I need a dsp Development board wit tms320c64xx or something similar (tms320c6xxx) for fixed point video processing. Is there any open board with schematic for this applications?
pls may i know the parameters significant in selecting Digital signal processors for ECG application? why are those parameters signaficant and the optimum range ?