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hi, Spartan3e starter kit has jtag usb interface for fpga programing, and debugging.... I want to use it for high speed data transfer interface from PC to Board... reading big data buffers....RS232 would be to slow. i found this System Generator for dsp: Performing Hardware-in-the-Loop System Gen
Hi guys, I have installed the drivers and configured my usb XDS510 debugger for CC V2.0. But on start up of Code composer it say it can read the target device. The development is working correct cause I debugged it many times with my old debugger. Do u guys know what can be the problem? It's for a TMS320F2812 dsp. regards, Jo
HI ! i have a usb-jtag CABLE FOR PROGRAMMING A FPGA , there is no mention of any vendor or company on the cable .... when i used it to program a XILINX SPARTAN 3 E FPGA ON A DIGILENT BOARD THROUGH "ADEPT(SOFTWARE I DOWNLOADED FROM DIGILENT.COM)" , the bit file was successfully downloaded to FPGA BOARD ....but now i have a XTREME dsp (...)
Hi FPGA folks I have purchased the Xtremedsp Starter Platform – Spartan-3A dsp 1800A Edition but I didn't order any download cables along with it. I would like to know my options for downloading the bitfile to the FPGA ? .. can I use a normal jtag cable with one terminal being of usb interface (to be connected to (...)
I have a problem with dsp TMs320c6711 DSK Toolbox, when i operate a model contained a simple block of them, i faced an error: Error using ==> make rtw Error using ==> c:/matlap6p5/....../ccslink/private/connecttoide_titarget could not connect to specified board. Make sure sellected board is properly configured please i need a solution for
Hi All great for biggners AD blackfin dsp board for only $99 until 30/1/04 Use this link to get a Reference Code for ordering AD new dsp best bobi
TI dsp
Try Spectrum Digital at the following link For low cost, dsp Start Kit (DSK) or eZdsp series. Some of their bundle include Code Composer as well as embedded usb jtag for debugging. Hope it helps. Best Regards
For audio application, you may use some more powerfull (cheaper) dsp. Try Analog Devices Adsp-21xx family (16bit fixed point). Some of this chips are really low power, if you plan to use them in battery powered devices.
Is there a cheap or free solution for C*5000 series dsps? There are a lot of Open Source/Free solutions , jtag cable schematics for Mo*torola. What do we have for Te*xas? I would like to contact with the people which use this chip.