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Hello everyone! I'm in my final year at the university, and I'm trying to create a digital guitar effects pedal with dsp chip. Until now I was working only with PIC-s, dspic-s. The idea would be the following: Designing analog amplifier/impedance matcher for input and output. Using CODEC for AD/DA conversion - I have two chips PCM3060 and AD1938,
vist and get dspic development board for much chipper than that price , and get a redcore board from altera for advanced matched filters and waveform generation , and pulse comp ,have fun with you new toys .
I am using Microchip's dspic30F6014A for speech recognition. I am trying to implement speech recognition without using dspic demo board. I compiled demo code given by microchip website on MPLAB IDE. However build is failed due to the error like SR_Lib.h:81: error: conflicting types for 'WREG0' c:/program files/microchip
dear all I want to purchase easyPIC for dspic30F (complete kit). The question I want to ask here is that has anyone used this board. Can anyone give me some suggestions /advices about it.
You can go to sparkfun dot com - they have a starter kit Printed Circuit board for a Microchip dspic processor with compass and 3-axis gyro, called the UDB5. And they also have a GPS module EM406A and links to a download site where you can get example code for programming this as an unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV). That would give you a prov
Hi all I'm running a dspic30f4013 with MPLAB X IDEv1.60. when i try to build my code it gives me this error code "Target Device ID (0x0) does not match expected Device ID (0x1410000)" If anyone has encounted a similar problem help will surely be appreciated. thanks
Hi everyone, I'm working with dspicDEM MCLV board and i'm using MPLAB ICD3 in-circuit debugger as a communication device, i'm also using mplab ide v8.87 as the software, and my project is to basically control the Pulsewidth of the square wave that i get when i connect a CRO from M1 to ground, with the POT. I've attached the codes and c
Im going to do aproject to design dc energymeter using dspic in C The sensed V & I is multiplied to get power and energy is calculated ADC is needed. Plan to take 10 sample in 1sec Has to Dsiplay energy using LCD Which all things has to take care & where to start? im in a starting trouble.. suggestions plz..
hi i m new to dspic30, kindly guide me how may i become expert of this
you can use a PIC18f97J60 which has on board etherenet or some other microcontroler (PIC18, PIC24, dspic, PIC32) with a external ENC28j60 both work - full details on
Hi everyone! I have much experiement at designing microcontroller board, so I am able to work for who try to design one. My qualified: - Design pic16, pic18, dspic, atmega16, atmega32 controller. - Support schematic, PCB, coding. - Responsible quickly! - Price due to each product Please contact me:
the Microchip microstick is very good value (about ?16 in UK) Microstick for dspic33F and PIC24H Development board comes with PIC24 and dspic processors, has an integrated programmer/debugger and header to plug into a breadboard. More advanced is t
Explorer 16 is a good choice if you think you want something a bit better than the 8 bit devices. You can use it with the PIC24H, PIC24F and dspic but also PIC32. There may also be a PIC24E module for it, I am not sure. I am quite a fan of the PIC24H using C. Keith
Hello, I am using ADF7020 (daughter board with 11.0592MHz XTAL) to design a RF UHF reader which reads the data in the RFID tag (passive), as the tag comes within the range. I use dspic33fj256gp710 for interfacing with ADF7020. I will have to show the Tag data onto a computer hyperterminal (UART), as the tag comes within the range. I understa
Hi you, I already done with VS1003 and SD card, but i use dspic for control. could you verify your problem? maybe i can help you. Regards. Luong Hello Luong, I am trying to interface with vs1003 using SPI with pic32. Whenever I read any register it returns only zero and DREQ always remains at 0v.
Is this a bread broad prototype or a development board? The ICD is not seeing the dspic, is it powered up or are you trying to supply the project power via ICD?
what about acquiring signals from a ADC processing them with an FFT and other algorithms and displaying the results. You could compare the facilities of Matlab and Octave and see if the results are the same. If you have a dspic or similar microcontroller board you could process the data with an onboard FFT and compare the results with (...)
Hello, I have a Starter Kit for dspic DSCs with dspic33FJ256GP506 controller. On the board I found tree connectors that they aren't on the schematic. Has anyone idea if I can use one of the connectors for programming other, the same type controllers? Best regards, Cell1.
I want to implement an active noise cancellation algorithm to minimize noise from machines. I have chosen the dspic starter kit DM330011 with audio codec with am max sampling freq of 48kHz . Since I am not handling speech, will the compression-decompression be necessary? What is the significance of these processes? Should the on-board audio cod
dear sirs i need an USB programmer Schematic Diagram for dspic programming that can work with Mikro Pascal Language program. if possible please send to my email ( Best Regards:D EVERY ONE HERE HAVE GOOD EYE SIGHT. I THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR EYES OR PROBLEM WITH YOU