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Hello , the Sinuous antenna that i have built is dual polarized because it hase two orthogonal dipole feed,i have attached the diagram and farfield results of the simulation. this antena is dually polarized, i have used ludwig 3 on vertical /horizontal as shown in the attached photos. how can i interpret the ludwig 3 diagram and get the (...)
A dual fed microstrip patch antenna can radiate CP. . I cannot come up with how this can be achieved on a PIFA. Maybe you can use two PIFAs, which are arranged perpendicularly (and with 90 degree phase shift) to obtain CP.
hai, I'm in need of knowing the definition of dual circular polarization - dual circular polarization means that your antenna system can receive both types of circular polarization. Crossed dipole/yagi antennas are a possible solution. Spiral antennas (...)
Respected tutor, I have designed a square MSA with dual probe feed.But im unable to see E plane & H plane plots for cross & co polarization, I am using HFSS v11. could u tell me 1)where should i see its results ? to see this should i apply excitation to each probe by creating 3 design 1-both probe ,2-1stprobe,3-2nd probe excitation? 2)How to de
You may as well have 2 different components, antenna and coupler each with one port ?? If you have any study material on what you intend to do, please do share ! We usually design 2-port antenna to obtain dual polarization.
Hello, I don't understand what it means "dual-circular polarization". I know that circularly polarized antennas work in Left or Right circular polarization. Does it mean that the antenna (dual circular polarization) works in RHCP and LHCP simultaneously? Thank you very much!
Hello to all! I would like some help defining a dual circular polarized antenna in Matlab. In other words, how can I say in Matlab that my transmiter is going be one dual circular polarized antenna (left- and right- hand) and my receiver is going to be consisted of two antennas, one left-handed and one (...)
hi friends i need antenna design for dual circular polarization antenn for 1.575 GHz
Hello I am interested in the qusi-yagi antenna with: 1- UWB 2 up to 18 GHZ 2- 30 deg beam width 3- and how to achieve dual polarization If you can help me ..please
Is there any design for a omnidirectional antenna that receives both horizontal and vertical polarizations without incuring a 3 dB hit in gain for the dual polarization feature? I think the answer is no, since you are in essence passively combining two different antennas, but I would be interested if there (...)
I want to design Wimax patch antenna Want sopme good idea of dual slant linear polarization (+45 and -45) . can anyone help thanks in advance
Hand held uually means the person can move it around to ANY position/orientation. That means that you can end up with corss polarized antennas for transmit and receive. So if you made your transmitter antenna to be dual or circular polarized, and the receive antenna was one polarization, you could remove (...)
What's the difference between Dipole and dual-polarized and what measurements are differents. i have some project to do. thank you
This is basic antenna theory. In the patch antenna you excite two orthogonal modes, that is, the fields from the two ports don't interact. Alternatively, as the current flow in orthogonal directions they don't interact. However, you could feed dual polarized antenna to generate circularly polarized propagation.
Hi .. can anyone share this paper here? regards, sandeep A novel low-profile, dual-band, dual-polarization array antenna for 2G/3G base station IET International Conference on Wireless Mobile and Multimedia Networks Proceedings (ICWMMN 2006)(CP525), p. 350 Hangzhou, China, 6-9 Nov. 2006 , ISBN: 0 86341 644 6 (...)
does anyone have recomendations for papers or have papers concerning: broadbanded patch/microstrip dipole - bw is 20% slot coupled microstrip patch - maybe my best chance at achieving said bw? application will require dual polarization, so some applications may not be applicable, such as slot loading the radiating element from Kin-Lu Wong fo
hai all, I have made one wide band patch antenna(800-2.5GHz), it is working well, now i want to have dual polarization in that like +45 and -45. i will be very glad to have your suggestions. Thank you
Why? 1) handheld apps are too small to use a dual polarization antenna 2) many apps naturally orient the antenna in the vertical polarization, ie. cell phone with antenna always pointing up 3) In mobile applications where there are lots of reflections and multipath, the (...)
if You add the 3rd loop, placed 90 with respect the other two? Is not enough? If no, in my opinion, You need another cross loop with the gap placed 90 with respect the orientation of your original dual loop antenna. Total: 4 loops
Dear all, anyone of you antenna gurus here could shed some light on how to design a dual frequency microstrip patch antenna? The frequency range is above 10GHz, preferably 10GHz and 12GHz. Does this design involve any mathematical analysis? and are there any softwares that I can use for design? I'm using FR4 substrate btw... Thanx a lot :)