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how to get +5v and -5v dual power supply using single 24v and ground ( 24v smps)
hi, am planing to develop a 5x7 dual color matrix led display. am using a single module and am used this for a status indication not for scrolling. my requirements are, condition 1: all green led on condition 2: all red led on condition 3: all red and green led on simultaneously. ie yellow color. i am using a 4017 counter but this is not
As an audiophile engineer i would recommend linear power supply for audio amplifier because linear power supply has less conducted and radiated noise than SMPS . SMPS Noise should amplified by audio amplifier and quality of sound should go bad. If you are not bother about the quality of sound, Then go head with SMPS You (...)
Hello folks! I am wondering if someone can give a comercial part of a buck converter with the next features: Vin_min = 48V. Vout= +/-12V I found some isolated power converters from Traco power. But i need a NON isolated Sw Regulator. And I am not able to find anything which fits with that... Thanks in advance.
Hello guys this is my first time posting, I am a student working on my thesis and I am doing a prosthetic Hand. I already registerede EMG signals from the muscles and made the circuit work. Before I was using two 9v batterys to power the emg circuit that I attached, this worked fine but the problems is that in the final prototype I only want to use
Hi folks, I am completely new to Switching power supplies, but I need to design and build one with dual symmetrical output (?100V or preferably ?85V) with 0.8A (or 1A) output current. The power supply must provide isolation (1kV is enough) and not be bulky like power-Transformer based designs. Any help (...)
Digikey has 60hz transformers all the way down to .08 VA with dual secondary's. You would need two transformers for each node, one for the +-12 v and the other for the 5v. Unless the 5v can be non-isolated from the 12v then you could add a regulator from the +12 v output to 3.3 v DC. I did a search and it looks like the transformers are $5 each.
I am looking for a circuit design that will produce, from a 24VDC 2A regulated plug pack (SMPS wall wart), +/-10VDC rails with a virtual ground midway. Each rail needs to be capable of providing 1A continuous, or as close as practical. I would prefer not to build a switching supply, use two separate linked supplies, or (for safety reasons) const
With a dual polarity power supply the output pin should be 0VDC with the signal causing it to go positive and negative. Since you measured 15VDC then an 8 ohm speaker will be conducting 15V/8 ohms= 1.9A continuously causing the IC to get hot.
I also found around the change from AMD Single core CPU to dual Core CPU Motherboards. The Earlier Motherboard had a Negative 5 Volts on the power supply, the -5V is not used on later systems. But if a newer 500 watt power supply with no -5v is fitted to a early Motherboard my Gigabyte with AMD 3000 CPU (...)
What circuit do you have than needs a dual polarity supply? Why do the voltages need to be regulated?
Hi, I have a power-domain PD in which a dual voltage memory macro is instantiated. The primary supply of PD is VDD1. The macro has dual supply of VDD1 and VDD2. The VDD2 is used by internal of the memory macro and all the input/ouput of the macro are on VDD1 supply, except for input IN1 (...)
I have a project where I need to measure 4 x 24v battery banks which are isolated from each other. I really only want to use 1 Arduino to record the data onto single SD card. I've used an ADS1115 (18 bit converter) to read the voltages at the moment I'm using a dual power supply reading the 4 channels with common ground but I can't have a (...)
Hi, for your OPAMP you need a dual power supply and try a 2500 Ohms feedback resistor. Klaus
Thanks hobbyckts. I am using THN 15-1221 with 12V power. Its +-5V dual voltage regulator. I just want it to run it all the time. Can I connect it directly with 12V power supply? The reason not to switch is because I will install the switching ckt for +5V and -5V independendently and this regulator gives me the possibilty (...)
OP07 needs dual power supply. Do you have it?
Hi, If you have isolated power inputs to each 7805 you can use 2, 7805's for a dual supply. E
Stability of Op Amps can also be affected by Lack of Bypass Caps on these power supply Pins. In a Single supply Op-Amp, Put a .1uf Cap Directly between the Positive and Ground Pins. In dual supply Op-Amps it should have a .1uF Cap be between the + & - supply Pins. Or (...)
You need two things - a power supply and something to generate the pulses. Usually the pulse width on laser drivers is determined by the capacitor value, laser current and voltage. So, you don't need to generate a really short pulse. A 74AHC123 dual monostable should do fine. Keith The Absolute max specs for thi
Here is my analysis of why your first circuit did not work: I think your remarks are not correct.If 741 works with dual power supply as a comparator, output will be tied up to +VDD or -VEE depending on operating condition ( Vin>Vref or Vinsupply voltages b
Dear all, I get hold on a 30 V 3A dual bench power supply Selectronic SL-1731SB, which seems to be the same as the Velleman PS23023, and may some other ones. Both canals are OK, but when I coupled them in series, the coupling is totally wrong example Tracking not activated : A : 5.4 V B: 10.3 V Tracking activated : A :25 V (...)
The LM324 quad and LM358 dual opamp's are low power which causes them to be slow. They have trouble with high level sinewaves above about 2kHz so a triangle wave above about 200Hz will be fairly messed up. Any half-decent audio opamp like the TL071 single, TL072 dual and TL074 quad work well up to 100kHz so they can produce a good triangle (...)
Hi, look for: AD5122/AD5142 they have dual power supply and very low power. Two cell coin batteries will work many weeks. Also check if signal voltage range is OK for you. Klaus edit/added: i just recognized it has no pushbutton function. An additional ATTiny? Or you just use analog SPDT switches and (...)
Once the fabs started producing DGO (dual gate oxide - core and I/O most usually) flows this became a lot more difficult to pin down. You would see 5V-capable I/O (thick) devices on nodes down to about 0.25um and 3.3V capable persists at 0.13-0.18. And on SOI you can (I have) made 6V reliable parts using "3.3V" transistors and a lot of cascode el
sdmuashr, you have forgotten to tell us which power supplies you are using (single or dual supply)?
a Split rail with an option to track or control independently is useful. The efficient way is of course to use SMPS with a single rectified DC source perhaps with phase control and a dual SMPS converter one positive and one negative. The transformers will therefore operate at the switch rate and not 50/60Hz.
Many clocks that are RC based such as the old dual VCO TTL were supply sensitive because they were design to be Voltage controlled. The same is true of many one shots etc. Crystal oscillators will change frequency with supply due to input capacitance changing with supply voltage by a slight amount. Some clocks use (...)
I am building an ultrasonic generator with a dual frequency (25kHz and 36kHz). When the tweeter is not connected, the circuit works fine. When I connect the tweeter at the H-Bridge, I notice that that the frequency generated by U6 (NE555) has moved to 70kHz. Moreover, the square wave generated by U8 (NE555) has no more a period of 3s but of 0.1s.
If you don't have a "center" wire, it's not a 15-0-15 winding configuration. You need a different transformer if you require the centertap, e.g. for a dual power supply.
You didn't read the datasheet for the LM358 dual opamp: 1) It is low power so it is weak. 2) Its maximum allowed supply is 32V but you have 80V. 3) Its minimum output current in your circuit is is 20mA but the light bulb is shown in your second schematic to draw 1000mA.
NO SCHEMATIC! Since your amp uses an output capacitor (or two of them?) then the supply must not have dual-polarity (which does not need an output capacitor to charge). Your output capacitor charges very quickly to make a POP but it is simple to design the circuit so it charges fairly slowly with no POP. A very fast charging time sounds like an ex
In the data sheet :- it states a minimum load of 10% is required on dual output units. Frank
The first opamp has no power supply shown (single or dual supply?) The 2nd opamp has no dc feedback and single supply. Cannot work. Where does the circuit comes from?
Maybe you should switch your brain on before insulting other people or questioning their knowledge. Here's the first schematic from that Please note: A) There is a direct connection
Hi, I am going to write a research paper on OP AMP and i found the topic of power supply very intriguing hence, i looked for resources that would give me more knowledge on the Performance between these two supply modes, but i couldn't find much information about it. I was wondering if you could show me circuit that I can use to assess the (...)
Hi, I'm designing a power supply using TI's TPS54383. This is a dual 12V and 5V output each capable of delivering upto 3A of current. I'm a bit stumped on what kind of transformer I should use. I should also tell that I'll be plugging the primary side of the transformer into a wall AC outl
My output wants dual 24V output with 15A each and 12V 5A. This was my output requirements. Could anybody suggest the idea for me to design the circuit from the basis. And i saw there was different type of transformers, and also tell me which one will suitable for my application. dual o/p 24v 15a & 12v 5a you mean 720watts for +/
Hello, I'm trying to design a 12v, 5V, 3A dual power supply based on the LM2596 voltage regulator. Now I need about 2A on both the 12V and the 5V rails. This is supposed to power a SATA HDD and a raspberry pi board. I've attached a schematic here and I was hoping you folks could tell me if it would work? Also can I use the (...)
Hi I am using a timer 555 ic to generate a square wave with a peak to peak voltage of 5 V. The square wave that i obtained has a peak to peak voltage range between 0 V and 5 V. However, I need a dual polarity square wave from -2.5 V to +2.5 V. How can I achieve that and what circuit should I add with the 555 ic? Please guide me on the right path
There are several issues with this circuit. - The first stage needs a dual power supply. uA741 would need it anyway for a ground referenced signal, and you also need it because the signal itself is bipolar. - The second stage implements a peak detector, which is not suitable for a basic AC voltage measurement. The present peak detector (...)
Hi, I am going to design a high voltage/high frequency amplifier with apex PA107 and according to the datasheet, it needs both +100V and -100V for supply voltages. off course since the maximum output voltage is not supposed to be higher than 100~120 V (p.p), I think a +70/-70 V power supply is enough. The output current is in the range (...)
An LM358 dual or an LM324 quad are old but they have low power consumption. Then they have trouble above only 2kHz, are noisy and produce crossover distortion.
First You have to decide if You really need dual supply. There are not many applications which require that.
hii.. can v make 5v supply for pic from this 15v o/p using 7805? then how??ckt diagram with compnent rating,can any1 tell
What rating is you dual voltage source?
Hi All, The image I attach is from a 40V power supply that was published by (now defunct) Electronics Australia and it was sold by Dick Smith Electronics in Australia as kit K-3206 (Versatile 40V/3A Lab power supply). It is voltage adjustable 0 to 40V and also has adjustable current limiting 0 to 3A, has over-temperature (...)
As in many other schematics of this application note, the OP power supply terminals have been omitted. A regular dual supply should be added to the schematic, refer to the OP data sheet in case of doubt. The OP input terminals are erroneously interchanged in figure 21 and must be corrected. I presume that the names (...)
You're close - technically a 24V supply delivers the same potential difference as a +12V/-12V supply, and a virtual ground as you say would give you your 0V reference point. However, how would you implement a virtual ground? With a couple of resistors? If so, then your supply rails to 0V now have a lot of internal resistance, due to the (...)
I am brand new to the electronics world. I have set up a home station for working on small scale electronics, i.e. soldering stating, antistatic mat and strap, etc.. I have read some basic electronics books and decided to attempt my first small project, assembling a dual-Output Adjustable Linear Regulated power supply from Jameco. I of (...)
Hello, is there any circuit that can supply a -6, +6v in order to power three CLC406 opamps out of a single supply voltage? Commonly available components solution is preferred