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You can also try ADS dxf file format.
I want to export a cst design to work in Microsoft Visio. I want to export a Yagi antenna design,which cst is detecting as mulilayer design. While I select to export in as a dxf file it only selects the element which is in xy plane. In my Yagi design as the driven element is in xy plane it (...)
hello when I export cst to dxf, it is totally fine. But the technician who made PCB board change dxf to eps, there gose a problem. Any ideas how to export dxf to eps? Do you recommend any software?
Hello I have problem converting .cst file to .dxf file. And I need to design the PCB board. The staff who made the PCB board changed this .dxf to .eps again and it did not work. I think my .dxf is not right. Can anyone help me suggest the solution to this problem?
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in cst and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in cst 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will (...)
I would prefer *.sat over IGES, STEP and dxf because *.sat format is the "native" 3D format of the ACIS drawing kernel that both simulators use.
Hi, I used the following steps to export the cst structure to Altium. 1. cst export dxf file 2. use CAD open dxf and save as dxf 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use Altium import dxf and generate the gerber files The elements have (...)
For 2D values you can export the data points of the graphs. Or you could export the S11 parameter in a so called touch stone file. The structure can be exported as in a graphic format, eg. BMP, or in vector formats as dxf. For exact information how to export the data you could use the help of (...)
Hi! I am new in cst and I have to export a cst layout to dxf. The model has several cylinders. I could export all the rectangles but no cylinder. Do you have any idea? Thanks.
what about .dxf export?
ADS can export many kinds of formats. Have you tried asis, sat, or even dxf? Eda
With ADS export in dxf each layer then you can import in cst
File->export and then select the format u want to export (most probably in dxf and then import it in any CAD software.
Hi you need no software for that, you can export a model with dxf format to you project directory in ADS and then import that file from ADS with dxf format(file is better to be in you project directory in ADS) I hope it'll be helpful