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You can also try ADS dxf file format.
If I want to port layout data to Keysight Momentum on ADS from other layout tool such as KiCad, what data format should I use ? gerber Format is not useful. Is dxf candidate ?
The basic issue here is that HFSS and the associated files are 3D in nature. A gerber is used to fabricate a printed circuit and is basically 2D. HFSS supports a variety of file formats. The one useful here is a *.dxf which is supported by HFSS . This file is convertible to a gerber using software like PADS. Keep an eye on the format as (...)
The appended dxf is useless because it has all data in a single layer. PCB layout data must have separate layers for each copper layer (apparently 1 in your design) soldermask(s) silkscreen ("marking") board outline drills Drill data must be probably manually converted because a file with x/y coordinates and tool number is expected. (
The issue is probably that you have an antenna file that is in a 3D format. You (probably) need to convert to 2D like .dxf that is more easily converted to gerber files. I am assuming that you are trying to make some sort of printed circuit antenna. There are other solutions possible and you might find free software somewhere. Even with paid so
Hi to All I Have designed an antenna using HFSS 15. Now i want to fabricate it for realization of the simulated results. The problem I am facing is how to make Garbar file for fabrication? HFSS export only dxf File but when I open dxf file in dxf viewer the dimensions are not matching to the exact ones. Please guide me to convert (...)
Hi friends, How to simulate gdsii/gerber file in ads layout, for example I designed some X in ADS layout and I generated the gerber/gdsii file for that and if i want to simulate the design by importing into ads layout I am unable to add ports for that even though after importing it is not asking about layer information but I gave as cond...probl
I don't believe there's any way to go from a gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, PADS, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to dxf, and then maybe import the dxf into your program.
gerber ?? dxf ?? GDSII ?? There are many exporters in it..
Just export ur file to an dxf / DWG format and Make a print of it in 1:1 Scale..!! Some fabricators ask for a gerber file (even in this format u can export ur file)..!!
What did you install or change 15 days ago then? A 3D dxf program by chance? In Autocad can you simply use file\file open and change the type to dxf then select and open the file? Change your file associations to remove this association, then setup a new one for autocad.
I have been chasing my tail a bit trying to convert a gerber file, *.grb to a *.dxf. There are plenty of free viewers and converters that go the other way. I am looking for a freeware solution that does not preclude commercial use. An old thread here was helpful. Skywalker started the discussion:
dxf/DWG export is mostly used for mechanical construction,that's why objects are exported as empty blocks. For PCB manufacturing gerber export is used and the exported objects will be filled in gerber other hand, ODB++ export is a industry standard and many PCB design programs are compatible to import/export tasks.
The standard format for sending PCB layout for manufacturing is gerber RS274X for the layout files and Excellon for the drill files, but those PCB manufacturers who support Rogers substrates usually accept dxf as well. A few notes on dxf: - Unlike gerber, dxf can have many layers in one file. There is no (...)
Hi K.Mehta, Before importing first you check all the plugins required to import are installed or not(DXP/plugins and updates). To import gerber just open one Cam file from file menu then try to import. dxf/DWG-you can import in both sch and pcb file depending on your requirement.
Usually you can pass either *.dxf or *.gds files to a vendor Both formats are not common in PCB manufacturing. The file format used in PCB manufacturing is gerber RS274X or RS274D.
Hi, I used the following steps to export the CST structure to Altium. 1. CST export dxf file 2. use CAD open dxf and save as dxf 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use Altium import dxf and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But the problem is that the exported (...)
but I'm not able to replicate the results shown in the reference design. Did you use the dxf or gerber data that TI provides? I noticed that the gerber files are not consistent with the dimensions shown in the application note. The dxf files are correct.
I want to make an automatic PCB drilling machine...hw should i extract coordinates to be drilld ? Can i get them from dxf file? Is it feasible? If yes,are there any particular format for drill points in a dxf file Please help me
Hello, I want do convert new version of gerber file rs274X to the older one RS274D cause we have a glaser machine that does not accept the newer version. If we can't, is there a maneer to get RS274D gerber from dxf or other format? I really need RS274D gerber Thx a lot