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I occasionally need to import RF designs made in NI/AWR Microwave Office to Mentor Graphics pads. I can export a dxf file easily enough in Microwave Office. pads generally won't read these files, but I can use AutoCAD or SolidWorks as a middle man and pads will import those dxf files. However, when I look at (...)
Hi everyone, Please help any one to solve this problem in pads 2005. i could not import the dxf in mm format ??
I don't believe there's any way to go from a Gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, pads, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to dxf, and then maybe import the dxf into your program.
which dxf file format will work to import dxf in pads layout 9.2. detail format of dxf. please help...
Best way to create RF parts or other such irregular parts is to create the drawing in tools such as AutoCAD. Because they are more accurate than directly adding 2D lines in pads. After creating the drawing in AutoCAD save the file in dxf format. And import the dxf format file in library editor of pads. By default this (...)
Hello Radike, upload your MWO file (*.emp)... yes, it is possible to create artwork for your capacitor s-parameter data file in MWO... Just go to Layout browser create new GDSII or dxf cell library then create New Cell then draw the Capacitor pads/artwork using the datasheet dimensions , then add the cell ports...finally then right click o
Hello, is there a free software which convert dxf to gerber and vice versa...... thank you in advance, N
pads layout and text. One way to solve the text box in layout is to create desired text in some tool such as autocad or solidworks if you have it available. Or any tool that can export a dxf. You can pull dxf into layout and convert it to copper shape. At this point you can set rules for spacing to whatever needed. Yes, I agree it is (...)
I need to extrapolate a DRILL file from a dxf file I use Linkcad4 and I can make gerber files, but I don't understand how to make a Drill file thanks in advance
i have a layout design on ads .. i exported it to dxf format.. i used many pcb software ( proteus , pads , cam350) to import the dxf file but it doesn't work ?! :S anyone can help me ?
Are you talking about a PDIF file from PCAD or pads, or do you mean a PDF document file? PCAD PDIF files have a PDF extension, but they are entirely different from a PDF document. If you mean you want to convert a document file into a Protel file, there's no direct way to do that. It is possible to convert the PDF to a dxf file, and then impor
If it's Gerber format you can import that into a PCB, then copy and paste into a footprint. Gerber is troublesome since the artwork is comprised of thousands of elements instead of a few polygons. dxf usually does not work since the polygons do not come in filled. If you can export in pads PCB format (like Microwave Office does) then Altium
Hi all, I am exporting BRD file in allegro to dxf but the problem I am facing is that I am unable to see pads in top and bottom also shapes are showing as just unfilled areas in dxf. Somebody please guide through the process of exporting to dxf in allegro. thnx in advance Ricky
Hi All, When i converting the dxf into pads layout is there any way to bring traces as a trace properties from aitocad file. Regards, Monolisa
i have a .dwg drawing which i intend to use in my layout job so i had to save it as a dxf file in AutoCAD 2007. i had to Import that dxf file into my layout job in Expedition, and i did successfully. the only problem is that the imported dxf file seems to be way too small from its dimensions in the original DWG and dxf (...)
When I use dxf into pads the traces are comes under 2D line there any way to convert it to trace properties from dxf?
Hello friends, Currently I am working on a project in which there are two PCBs one motherboard & another PowerSupply Borad which will be on motherboard with 7 mm Height difference. To get exact position of board to board connector i've generated dxf file for psu board but when i import it to motherboard file i am not getting it in some ano
I don't use pads, so I don't know the answer to this. Does the exported dxf file contain Z-Axis data? I export dxf out of Mentor Expedition all of the time, but I have only looked at the files in AutoCad LT, which is only 2-D If pads can export IDF and you have a tool that supports it (Pro-E, Solid Works), that would (...)
I don?t understand exactly what you have and what you want to do. You said that you want to import those dxf files into PowerPCB and later you added that those are schematic files. PowerPCB is a layout tool and not a schematic capture tool. If you have a schematic done in OrCAD Capture you can use E-Studio from E-Tools Company to translate it to
You should be able to get more information from which maintain such footprints for pads Pwr and I remeber they had a lot of stuff in DWG / dxf format. :R
I used dxf to convert Autocad polygons to copper areas and found that the conversion increased the areas by the width of the aperture. Autocad looks at the copper edge same as pads- the actual edge of the copper, but the conversion made the edge equal to the center of a draw. pads will back the line center away from the copper edge equal (...)