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Is there a way to simulate s-param changing tapping point of M-Line in ADS? I've tried with two M-Lines and putting terminal in between but wondered if there is a better way to simulate the circuit. Thanks in advance.
Hello, When I run lvs I get error : mismatched instance subtypes and description is : layout instance of X1407/M2 MP(pch_alvt_mac)| Schematic Instance: MM1==17(pch_lvt_mac). Is this some kind of connection error? I have already checked vias and it seems that everything is connected correctly. Should I double check it? It would be very help
We have a 240VAC, 30W (30V OUTPUT) offline flyback SMPS which operates in BCM. It uses a Ferroxcube PQ3220 core and is litz wound. Our contractor tells us that it can be done with a Ferroxcube PQ2625 core, with exactly the same LP and LS as was used with the PQ3220 core version...... .....We agree with this. However, he says that doing
Can i make a control unit on FPGA to switch between 3 bit-streams while FPGA is running using dynamic partial reconfiguration? I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. Partial reconfiguration has both a full configuration bitstream and one or more partial bitstreams that can reconfigure a isolated portion of the d
hi dear one of my power plug is not working i just want to change hardware but before changing i need a circuit diagram pls kindly provide me circuit diagram of sonoff s26 power plug thanks in advance
A way to define capacitance is opposition to instantaneous change in voltage. (Whereas inductance is opposition to instantaneous change in current level.) If we were to create a thorough, excruciatingly detailed model for a diode, made up of all basic components which define it... Then it might contain a capacitor as one aspect of its behavior. H
Arc I/V characteristic has negative slope (negative dynamic impedance), you won't achieve a stable arc with CV supply.
Hi all. I'm using LTC4367 for reverse polarity, OV and UV protection. I'm using the FDMD84100 Dual N channel Mosfets and the input voltage is 50V. However, when connected without any load, the output voltage is all OK at the beginning but then it gradually decreases towards zero. Also my transistors have been burnt in most cases and I've tried cha
Hi, I made a small program to drive stepper motor with PIC 16F1847, TB6600 driver and 17HS2408 motor. Motor is driven 36 in every button push which equals 160 microsteps. I had no problem just driving the motor forward but when I needed it to "shake" bit by changing direction it wasn't accurate 36 degrees anymore in every step. Like every tenth
Hello, I am trying to interface IR remote control(NEC Protocol) using 16f887 pic microcontroller. Coding objective is to read the IR signal and has to be display the equalant HEX value of command and address. While testing in hardware IR signal is not detecting but got random output. Tried a lot to solve the issue but failed. Here I have
Hi, everyone, My cadence version is IC6.1.7 and MMSIM version is 13.1. I am using VCVS as delay unit (I know there are some delay component in analogLib like delayline, but there are some other strange phenomena). The testbench and simulation results are shown in the following figures. The gain of vcvs is 1 and delay time is 1.1us. The vpuls
Parity bits are inserted in between data in Hamming Code. While transmission from sender to receiver, it could so happen that along with the data bits (or even without the data bits getting affected) the parity bit could flip. Usually on the receiver side, we only check if the data got transmitted correctly or not. I want to check if my parity bits
Dear all, I am trying to simulate MRI birdcage coild with ANSYS HFSS. The primary aim is to achieve homogeneous magnetic field within the coil at 64 MHz. It is a highpass birdcage coil with 16 rungs, 30 capacitors and two ports. I can achieve very good homogeneous magnetic field with circular polarization with capacitance of 75 pF. However, my S11
Hi, I have a 8x1 LCD, 18F2520 microcontroller, Crystal 12 MHz, buttons and pressure sensor. Normally it is working good. But When I bring the WALKIE TALKIE, the display values keeps changing. Is it because of the frequency from the WALKIE TALKIE affects the microcontroller? Is it EMI/EMF interference? How to solve this issue.
Fm Transmitter I was looking for a project to make for fun when i found this FM transmitter, i got curious because it is a best project for fun as well as you tube, it is a simple FM transmitter but i make it it the simplest. I replaced the variable capacitor with a fixed one, re-calculated its frequency to be able to tu
So i am changing the usb hub controller in my project to a Microchip USB2514B since it was the 2nd cheapest on Farnell that fits my requirements and has great extra features i might want to implement like a custom configuration via I2C EEPROM. Link: Da
I've created schematic components with multiple text line descriptions that are aligned to the right side of a rectangle (Altium 18.1.7). Schematic placement looks OK. If I flip the component (X), that also looks OK. The Left justified text becomes right. Printing is OK. When I export to Autocad Lt 2013, the text alignment, for the right jus
I have another processor card with 3v3 output I've put on the same 3v3 converter and I get a clean 5vdc out the other end. I'm using STM32CubeMX to generate the code and I set the pins to output & GPIO_PULLUP. I've tried changing them to GPIO_NOPULL, GPIO_PULLDOWN too. I also measured the output on both a meter and scope without being connected to
I've created a task in my testbench which takes 3 inputs, but it seems that the value of one of them is wrong. Below there is my code. I already know that s has the same value of dut.r.f, but when I run the simulation it's not like this. MAIN: module main( input logic clk, input logic vaux2_p, input logic
Emitter degeneration was also my guess, but in the present simulation, the effect of parasitic inductances is relatively small due to the moderate gate voltage rise time. I don't understand however the purpose of the simulation related to your work. It's all about dealing with huge gate driver skew, in the present example 100 ns. If you don't h

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