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I need to use compression to change bit depth of a video signal. Our Focal Plane Array(FPA) is Vanadium Oxide(VOx) Resistive Microbolometers Uncooled Thermal Infrared Detector. The output of this image sensor is 14-bit, Wide dynamic Range(WDR), raw, monochrome, 640 x 480 resolution. The pixels of this video signal will be processed by Image
direct conversion receivers are subject to more interference effects from undesired received signals, because there are no IF filters to help to remove them. So adding a broadband preamplifier...will only make those interference signals worse. It will be ok as long as there are no big interferors nearby, such as driving by an AM radio station t
Can somebody help/point out what's the mistake on this circuit? The circuit is supposed to emit sound when the LDR isn't receiving any light. When i run the simulation on Proteus, it doesn't emit any sound at all when i turn off/on the light source. i tried changing the sounder to buzzer and speaker, but it still doesn't work. The right LED(D2,
Hi, I want to control motor by PLC, PLC is able to generate pulse approx 10k-100khz. But limited output and we are planning to control 10 numbers of stepper motor. Not related to half bridge driver and it's function. What is "10k -100khz"? Is it the pulse frequency that determines the motor RPM? (dynamic 1:10 only?). Or is it the PW
Hi there, I want to investigate non homogenous dielectrics in CST. I have not found any method to define a delectric with a gradient or with a completly user defined function based on spatial parameters. Does anybody know how to approach this problem? Thanks and have a nice day, Seleven.
In my design I have three functions for ex. (A,B and C). I need when implementing A no time or power are consumed to implement B and C also. This is a condition enhances my design idea. Is dynamic configuration helping me to switch between A , b and C without need to implement (B and C) while implementing A Is this clear o
Hello everyone It'd be of great use for us to emit correct rule check violations for power pins in IC we use. The logic is to force compiling failure when power pins of ICs are not driven correctly from power sources. When we used KiCad Power pin could have been in or out hence when PowerIn pins where not connected to PowerOut pin an ERC erro
Hi everyone, In flyback converter, how I can find equations or relation between air gap and core loss? When I increase air gap of exp N97, the reluctance will increase due to in core l(path in core) will increase. And AL value will less. The formula is L=N'2xAL, but I can not change L value because I calculated 320uH from power and eff. As know
always @ (posedge clk_153) begin if (reset) start_reading <= 1'b0 ; else begin if(condition1) // once this condition occur start_reading is always high start_reading <= 1'b1 ; end end always @ (posedge clk_102) begin if (reset) read/_en <= 1'b0 ; else begin if(star
How to completely explain interviewer about STA ? i have been using master slave flip and explaining the stuff from very basic with definitions to setup and hold time. but a pure guidance and expected answer would be great . Additionally For all the STMicro guys , how should i approach to an interview in digital domain bieng a fresher. :roll:
How to simulate the Regeneration time constant and the dynamic gain?
Just curious, I have Calibre tool for check almost everything of physical verification. But I still need more extraction check from diva tool. For the one who does not know. We can extract a signal from layout with diva rule. For example I would like to check all METAL and VIA layer of VSS signal. I will write a diva rule and put it in Verify -
Hi guys, I am new in antenna design and I need help to increase the bandwidth of my printed meandered dipole antenna. the current bandwidth of this antenna is just only 13MHz and i wish to increase it to 500MHz. Can someone please give me some ideas on how to increase the bandwidth? I am using FR4 substrate with Er 4.7. 1516
Hello, you can use one of colors sensors available on the market, for example this one (has quite good has big dynamic range (light) and I2C interface. It is easy to connect I2C device to FPGA board, there is a lot of example code (HDL langua
Hello every one, iam designing a 27mhz FM transmitter and receiver, by changing resonance circuit getting 27mhz frequency but, iam not getting constant frequency so, can you people suggest me proper circuit with crystal oscillator.
Hi, I really can't understand why I don't have any output. I'm kinda frustrated. Okay, I am planning to do a very simple LED fading using atmega328p via Atmel Studio. Below is my code, I used the 8-bit timer using TCCR0A control register. I also set WGM02 in TCCR0B so OCR0A will be the TOP value of the TCNT. Can anyone help me why I am not ge
I have found this circuit on the net. I wonder 1. What the sync does and with what signal to drive it (eg. a negative pulse in the sync produces a single pule on the outputs? or what?) 2. What frequency should I expect with 100ns pulse width? I am not talking about the differential pulses repetition rate, I mean a single 100ns pulse, assuming it
How calibration works in a typical image sensor from BAE Systems? If you are referring to aerospace application, I assume that it is not a trivial task to be accomplished from a unique approach. They may use more than one camera to provide the necessary depth cognition in order to be able to estimate distances from
Hello, I'm a beginner in electronics, sorry if what I'm asking is basic. I have a task for one of my assignments which I'm unsure about. It is about RC LPF filters. I am asked to modify a circuit so the cut-off frequency is doubled. How would I go about doing so? Would I simply reduce the resistor or capacitor value for the formula: F(cutoff)= 1/2p
You should start from the load and work backward. Until you know how the outside world will "challenge" the circuit, you know nothing useful. Load I, V (w/ worst case supply corners) sets the pass FET attributes. Load dynamics and pass FET attributes determines what the error amplifier (to include pass FET drive buffer if any) has to be able to