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Hello, I need to simulate the following circuit in LTSpice. I made the scheme but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. The following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I need to simulate the circuit(transient, AC sweep), cho
Hi All, Can anyone list out a few DRC rules specially formulated for double patterning in lower tech nodes like 7nm etc ? Thanks, Aditya
To simulate dynamic mismatch and its possible compensation, you need 1. a mismatch model, e.g. specified as acquisition bandwidth and sampling time skew 2. a hypothetic input signal applied to the ADC pair 3. a compensation filter prototype, e.g. RC or LC low pass
Hello, i cant see the link between the comment about TIM0_CC0 in the actual code bellow? and what is the meaning of |= in this code? Thanks. // Set route to Location 15 and enable // TIM0_CC0 #15 is PC10 TIMER0->ROUTELOC0 |= TIMER_ROUTELOC0_CC0LOC_LOC15; TIMER0->ROUTEPEN |= TIMER_ROUTEPEN_CC0PEN;
Hello, i have an EFR32FG14 board which physicly looks like in the photo bellow. I ran The following Code where they say that PC10 is my output In the following manual shown in the link bellow there are two places on the board where PC10 could be found as shown in the photos bollow. Which one of them has my output signal? Thanks. https://www.
Hi, I'm sure I'm not the first who ever asked about the problem of plotting a 3D farfield exported from CST MWS. However, since days I try to get a reasonable solution with mesh(), surf() and plot3() in Matlab. All of this does not work. I found a function that does the job: patternCustom(). But I do not have access to the Antenna Toolbox, so I
How does a same bandwidth at high frequency equals more information? How does a bandwidth of 1MHz at 25MHz center frequency can provide more information than a bandwidth of 1MHz at 10MHz center frequency?
Hi all, I just have simple question, which could not find the specific answer from the internet. I just want to simulate a simple loop tag with one internal input (UHF transponder IC). But I am not sure the correct port setup for simulation. Therefore, I study from the internet and come up with two possible answer, please help to give me a hin
Hi, iMX6 Rex design files are perfect for PCB designers to learn everything important about routing PCB Layout for high speed interfaces such DDR3, PCIE, SATA, Ethernet, HDMI, LVDS, etc. It is a very complicated 12 layer PCB with many blind and buried vias. It is not easy to find a good factory to produce it and have the costs lowered down.
I am asking regarding the voltage drop in DC of the top load transistors. Why in DC we have lower ressistance then ac? Thanks. The dynamic (differential) output resistance ro of a transistor is the inverse slope of the (relatively flat) output curves ID=f(VDS). Hence, this value is relatively large. In contrast, the DC
I have gone through the OSI communication model and the associated levels. But I do not understand on how is this implemented in the Hardware level. Or let me put it like this. Suppose we have a USB (2.0 and 3.0) communication device from my Host PC to a Device connected. Like, from the hardware perspective, I can understand and try to design
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Kindly someone explain to me how these 2nos 2sc945 driven 159339
Hello everyone, I want to carry out a project in which i can control a DC motor (220 v) using pic 16f876a This project is based on the following steps below: First off, i started by applying the method of detecting zero crossing with my pic, employing a bridge rectifier, a zener diode as voltage regulator,optocoupler for the hardware portion of
How does the following method of Active Elimination of the RHPZ mathematically eliminate RHPZ ? 159255
Hi All! I am looking for an inspirartion for a level shifter circuit (unidir.) between 1.8V and 3.3V digital systems. Sadly, I can't use dedicated chips - they must be radhard and SEL free and I couldn't find proper products on the market. The only option is to use discrete components. Max. frequency is 10 MHz and rise time/fall time must be 10n
Many moons ago, I barely remember that in an ancient National Semi app note or datasheet, that one could significantly improve the LM311's input stage slew rate, by tying the both strobe/balance pins to +V. Analyzing the attached equivalent circuit, it is easy to see why. The PNP input stage Q1,Q2 is fed by a constant current source generated by
Hi Everyone, I have a project in which I need to measure the temperature and send the data through bluetooth connectivity. So, somebody can suggest a smart sensor in which it can measure the temperature (with good accuracy) through IR and that there is bluetooth connectivity? Many thanks in advance.
Hi guys, I thought I start this thread where people can contribute with tips and resources to ease PCB design. I'll start by sharing a resource that has saved me lots of time when designing PCBs: SnapEDA. It?s like Google for components where you can find free symbols, footprints and 3D models, and export them to your PCB design software. T
Hi All, I have a following type of shift register composed of MUXs and Flip-Flops. 159202 So basically the input MUX of every Flip-Flop chain feeds the data to the chain and the data can also be interchanged between two parallel chains using the same MUXs. I synthesized the design in Design Compiler using following