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Hi,every one; now I want to evaluate the performance of a latched comparators which has two stage preamp and a dynamic lach stage and I want to know how to simulation the key parameters of this type of comparator such as: offset, resolution, overload revovery,speed(bandwidth) and so on. Can anyone give me some advise or some atr
You calculated the dynamic range. The 4 dB is added to six times the number of bits. The easiest way to do the calculations of system performance is to put in a signal that runs the ADC to full scale and then calculate the quantization noise from the dynamic range and then add the Johnson noise at the ADC input caused by the stages (...)
Differential PA in IC technology are more tolerant to common mode noise through power supply and substrate coupling. The performance of a differential PA is limited in terms of high power consumption, almost double of the single stage counterpart and low dynamic range. The cot of implementing differential PA in IC technology is lower than the curre
Don't understand why check IP3 of LNA? Why does the IP3 of LNA effect blocking performance? IP3 is not really that interesting if presented alone!! You can have arbitrary hight IP3 numbers if you sacify noise factor! The key is of course dynamic Range! This number describes how good or bad you amplifier does hand
I just finished a DAC design with Bandgap. Who can give me some advice or papers to teach me how to simulate it. Include dynamic and static performance. Thanks a lot.
1. There is a car calculator, which calculates various engine and car performance facts. But lacks a DLL (dynamic Link Library) file i have included here. Windows based. 2. There is an electronics calculator which is rather cool too a noob like me. But I would rather understand how to do this than have a computer tell me, but that might just be
In practical, there are two case we need to care about : static test and dynamic test. In the static test, except for the C/o test and TTFF, the position accuracy is important--typically less than 25 meters CEP is need. In the dynamic test, sentivity of the GPS receiver is very important, especially in urban areas.