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Hi all. What RF levels pose more risk to health; the 24/7 coming 5G at a say 100 metres distant 'cell' tower or the 24/7 WiFi in your office or home at say 10m distant emission ? I do not know certain figures of the power levels they transmit. Whatever their typical values be could be considered for your opinion. Microwave ovens = WiFi at 2.
Hello, I am a beginner PSPICE, in simulation electrical and electronics circuits. I want to simulate a schematic with the program Micro-CAP 12. I want to look for some graphics from a photodiode PIN which is a InGaAs Photodiode IG22-Series, I want to monitor follow parameters: responsivity (A/W) vs wavelength(nm); dark current (A) vs rever
Hi All I am using 5V push pull solenoid for my project and drive this solenoid through transistor which is connected to Arduino. I want to give 5V power supply through rechargeable battery with USB charging also. Is there any solution available and anyone knows about this?
To simulate dynamic mismatch and its possible compensation, you need 1. a mismatch model, e.g. specified as acquisition bandwidth and sampling time skew 2. a hypothetic input signal applied to the ADC pair 3. a compensation filter prototype, e.g. RC or LC low pass
Hi, I would like anyone interested in these topologies and/or with practical experience or knowledge of both SEPIC and Zeta to share their opinions. I read that SEPIC positives are that it is more efficient, has lower input ripple; negatives are two RHPZ, high output ripple. Zeta positives are no RHPZ (easier control loop compensation and hig
hi, i am new here. i can't stimulate my circuit? why my circuit has been paused becaused of this error? i need your help to help me with this error (PSPICE). thank you this the error : 159518159518 **** 05/23/20 11:38:39 ********* PSpice 9.2 (Mar 2000) ******** ID# 1 ********
I heard in advanced nodes where the voltage is very low, if we share the VDD diffusion with two transistors , we can have an IR issue. But why is this ? Isnt the voltage same regardless of whether we share the diffusion or not ?
Hello all, 159515 I am working with 2 Analog Device chips: ADF4159 and ADF5901. The two have different digital voltage levels: 1.8 and 3.3V respectively. Till now I have been programming them individually. Using different ports from the microcontroller, I could set up individual voltage dividers to deal with the differen
What is the role of Diode and Resistor R here? Thanks. 159497
HI, Gurus, I need to detect an impulse: rising edge=5ns, down edge=200ns, amp=10uV, just once in a day, and I need to catch it, how can I do? I suppose to config as the following: filter1+LNA+filter+detector+video amp+LPF+ADC/FPGA. But there are so many specs need to determine: 1. Filter1 center freq, BW. Say filter1 BW=100M, then noise floo
I am reading about RFID systems and designs. And I stumbled upto this Digikey article - . I am really confused with Figure 5 in that article. In the above IC Diagram, I am really confused with Pin 2, Pin 4 Pin 14. How does these three pins work? How is the transmission TX fr
I would like to assemble a circuit that drives a lamp of up to 60w controlled by touch in 3 levels of brightness and in the 4th touch the lamp turns off, if possible, using accessible components.
Besides spectrum analysers and oscilloscopes what other equipment is needed to be learned to perform testing Analog ICs and blocks? And who defines the standards for such characterization tests? IEEE? (I would like to hear especially from who has been in such a lab)
Looking for Allegro RF PCB Examples, Tutorials, with step by step examples and flows ? Anyone know of any ?
I found that many desigers put a series resistance with the gate terminal of the cascode amplifiers. as shown in the attached figure (circled by red circles) 158587 Is that only for increasing the stability factor? or it has other functions. -------------------------------------------
power electronics is the application of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. The first high power electronic devices were mercury-arc valves. In modern systems, the conversion is performed with semiconductor switching devices such as diodes, thyristors, and power transistors such as the (...)
Here is a quick and dirty power oscillator that can do CW, along with an AM modulator (discussed in another topic). Now I want to experiment with generation of DSB out of this little rig. We are talking here on DSB generation with a high power oscillator. Before any comments, I am aware this is a bad technique, nevertheles
Hi! I need to accomplish an isolation of the reference GND of the 24Vdc power supply. The idea is not use a DCDC 1:1 converter because it increases a lot the price of the project. Is there anyway to achieve this target?: 159438 Thanks in advance! Greetings
Hi Is there any such thing as a rocker switch which switchs two circuits from the one actuator? (whats it called?) (ie we want to switch a circuit with several amps in it, but also want an indication that the switch has been thrown with a smaller contact in the switch which we will engage in a signal circuit where a microcontroller will be si
Hi, In the IXFN360N10T datasheet, do you know what is ?IA? whats its meaning? (its 100A). The parameter definitions (below ) doesn?t tell it. IXFN360N10T datasheet