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Using resonant converters can be advantageous, particularly to deal with the unavoidable leakage inductance of a high frequency transformer. I doubt however that using a single inductor boost topology (either conventional or resonant) is a good idea. The basic problem is that the 12:230 or 12:300 boost ratio also multiplies the switched power (I
You can try with this circuit As calculated in the application note, the filter capacitor raises the threshold to about 300 VAC (RMS) with 100k external resistance, means the optocpupler will never switch with 230 VAC. The resistors should be reduced to about 30k/0.5W each.
:-D Hello there, I just wanted to use solar energy to run a 250 watt 230v ac motor. and i want to know that can i use a UPS for this...because the UPS has 12v DC to 230v AC inverter, so that i can replace the battery with solar energy for 12 v DC i/p to the ups.... :roll:can i do this.... plz give me suggestions and schematics if possible..
You mean the input rectifier? Your circuit is typically used for 115 V mains voltage. By adding two diodes and a switch, you get a selectable 115/230 V input SMPS, with fixed 300 V bus voltage. It uses a 4-diode bridge rectifier for 230 V and the 2-diode doubler for 115 V. Small SMPS are often wide range 100 - 240 VAC, using a bridge (...)
At a lower power level , I used a 12 to 300 V DC/DC converter and a commercial VFD controller supplied with 300 V DC instead of single phase 230 V AC. You may want to build your own VFD controller, but it doesn't pay for low quantities. It's not particularly a problem to build a 1kW/12V input DC/DC with todays MOSFET transistors, but (...)
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Hello all, does anybody know the standard ETSI ETS 300-230 and in particular the specifications of the modem FFSK @ 1200 bps? Thanks Mowgli