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Hello, I would like to make a metal detector strong enough to detect a piece of stainless steel tape in the cable that we make. We make electronic/electric cable, for example, sometimes this cable is bad and from the 50,000 feet we make, we have to cut it 3 times (we call that splices) because cable had a cosmetic defect so we cut that part o
How to build Non-contact DC Voltage detector/sensor?
hello everyone, i am a beginner in metal detecting field, do you have any detectors to recommand to a newbie? is hot? Thanks very much
hi,my question is about APD detector: why in APD PIN most multiplication happens in intrinsic region????and a little in n or p region? a reason that i think is big resistance in intrinsic region
Hii friends, Have anyone working on wireless energy meter (Wifi or BLE)? let say smart energy meter. dsPIC33 may be the microcontroller. Now I have completed block diagram, I need some suggestion/advice from you guys. Thanks
You either need to connect a load, or go for electrical field (voltage) sensing. It's not as selective as current sensing.
Hi, I work as an electrical engineer in a new start-up company which is developing a metal detector. In the meantime the company is of 3 people and we have succeeded in building up a prototype of the product. I have received my degree not long ago and this is my first job in the field of electronics engineering. The next stage in my job wil
Hello, As our final year under graduate research, we have to design a law cost, non contact high voltage detector. This is requirement of the Electricity board of our country. first thing is we have to design it to mount on a DDLO rod. At the second step we have to design it to mount in the safety helmet. If you have any idea on this please reply
what do you want to detect (1 mV, 100 mV, 2 V, etc)? Whether you will measure something depends on what you use as antenna and the strength of the field. BAT85 is not the best Schottky diode for a simple UHF detector. Try to find a schottky diode with less capacitance. A very nice detector diode is BAT62 as it has a good breakdown (...)
Below please find the link for building a microwave oven electric field detector using the RFD102A (RF-DC Converter) module from RF Diagnostics, LLC along with a surface mount LED and a dipole antenna made from the wires of a 1/4 leaded resistor. It's a fun gizmo to show the electric field strength on the outside of a microwave window. The (...)
A motion detector operates on ultrasonic waves. Just like sonar or radar. However it does not detect direction. It only detects that something is moving in its field of view. So you might get results if you were to mount a motion detector on the robot, and sweep it right-left-right-left continually. If it picks up someone moving, you'll (...)
20uV would not really open a simple Schottky diode detector. You need an RF amplifier in front of your diode detector, and probably a simple DC amplifier after the diode. After that, the circuit might need a calibration for showing the right level of voltage/power at the input.
If the RF Power detector circuit is used only for conducted measurements, and if the circuit is designed properly in terms of the PCB design and using shield cans to give isolation to external electromagnetic field, everything would work fine and able to measure the power of low signal levels. There are more RF Power detectors options from (...)
Over what range do you need to detect obstruction? and what field of view angle? I am thinking of a simpler pulsed IR Rx and Tx. Any voltage available? for detector? What user interface is necessary? desirable?
Make cheap nice and easy SMS alarm with phone, making GSM module is hard job and its not for beginners, better buy finished assembled and tested gsm module in market shop. On one of sensors input at SMS alarm sensor link 60km/h speed detector and thats it.
Your solution doesn't seems to be practical. Why not install a metal detector on the ground? The typical sensor use to detect vehicle is call a loop sensor. It used magnetic field to detect the vehicle. When vehicle tend to beat red light...then tend to move fast at a speed of about 60kph or more....that is the re
dear all greetings, i am trying to build a metal detector sensor based on LC circuit (at resonance). which leads to any metal come in the range of the magnetic field of the coil will leads to drop in the voltage so that i can sens it with amicro controller. now here is the problem the resonance frequency is 130khz (using a generator) now
Hi ALL I need to article "Magnetic field detector by Andy Flind " published EPE magazine January 1995 . dose anybody having it? If yes , please upload here or send to my email box: Thanks in advance .
hi, all, i need the following papers. pls upload if you have. 1. Kordic, S., Integrated silicon magnetic-field sensors. Sensors and Actuators. v10. 347-378. 2. High sensitivity silicon magnetic field detector Doyle, J. Custom Integrated Circuits, 2001, IEEE Conference on. Volume , Issue , 2001 Page(s):105 - 108 3. (...)
hussain_kiet, perhaps this can help you: bye !!!