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Hey guys I am making a arduino mega (2560) shield which consists of 4 dip ICS and some capcitor and 4 (8pin row)screw terminal ,so im using basically all through hole packages soldered on one.The problem now is that the circuit is big so it cant fit on a single sided board, so I have to build double sided board which I tried but have following dou
i have done design in eagle. so i decided to to give to make pcb. This is my first time so i don't know how to genrate require files to make pcb. after contacting manufacturer he told me too give three files film. Silk layer, Bottom layer, and pad file for single side pcb. (...)
Hi,I am trying to make single layer pcb for my project.I have been using Cadsoft eagle for my previous projects but now I would like to try Altium and I have installed Altium in my computer,but when I try to set 'layer stack manager' it seems there is no option for single (...)
I design pcb (single/Dual layer) using CadSoft eagle, looking for work/projects.
Hi, I am a pcb designer and pcb manufacturer from Pakistan. I provide prototyping services for single and double layer pcbs at a very low cost without compromising on quality. In addition to this, I also provide pcb design services. I deal with eagle, Proteus suite and (...)
im orcad 9.1, is it possible to add copperpour/area to single layer board. I am sure you can although I am not familiar with Orcad as I use eagle. Using eagle you define a polygon and draw it around the perimeter of the pcb design, using solid or hatch and defining the width. You can then name it Vss or (...)
Here I am presenting my first serious practical work in Cadsoft eagle with a very simple circuit. See the attachment. Help to optimize my work by pointing any faults (if have) in my work. I Used the schematic as reference to place components. I used wire width 0.024 Is it enough for etching ? Four wires are drawn on component side. But t
unsure if there is Use cadsoft eagle it should do the trick
hello, all i want is just single layer board with auto jumper routing like in Orcad. but to be honest my head almost blew up set it up in eagle?? anybody can help me???:cry::cry:
I've been told that eagle has the capability of producing single-sided boards. (I am only geared up to make single-sided). I have been sent a file called 1layer.ctl. I have no idea what to do with it! (Yeah - I'm dumb. I'm new at this. Treat me gently!:D) Any assistance would be gratefully accepted.
hi i have a eagle Schematic file. when i make board file with autorouting it makes a final file double sided. how can board file me confined to single sided pcb design. regards...
Hello.. I'm a complete newbie to pcb design..first time i'm designing one using eagle.. (so pls bear my silly/obvious questions)... I'm making a single layer pcb using a max232 and need to connect the pins to a DB9 Female connector which is going to be soldered onto the board (is that the one called (...)
sorry not eagle,, But it's a programmer!! I got one. you can use !! Made out of mostly smd parts.. Havent made it yet, but in a few days it will be solded. You can take a look at it, and se if you are capable to solder it! ;-) //BoNe
For eagle:
has anyone made icd1 using eagle schematics and board-file: . The article is in german and unfortunatly I only speak english. Are eagle pcb files available anywhere else. There are PFD files but they get distorted in printing