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I think the eagle asking you to that want you to connect the signals named S$18 and S$19. attach the file to check the forum members that may more result
Hello, Please advise on this if you know? eagle only allows me to have both top and bottom annulus's covered , or not covered, in solder there a way round this? I am speaking of vias used in routing of tracks.
eagle's "Dimension" layer should be the outermost layer of PCB design. No tracks should cross it. The Dimension Error means that there is some signal too close of Dimension Layer. How much close is enough to gerate an error can be set at the DRC configuration.
It's the engineer that must be capable of designing higher densitiy PCBs. Why do you think that eagle can't do it? Do you see a lower limit for routing grid or track width? 0.2 mm is a good standard if you don't need highest interconnect density, not particularly demanding.
Altium , cadsoft eagle , protel
Hello, I am laying out three PCBs in the same layout window. I need to do this as the pcbs will mechanically mesh together so at first i need to see them together. When i have finished i will put them each in there own window. When i select one of the pcbs and try and move it over the other pcb to see how it fits, only the tracks and some of
I am doing a design using the SIM908. I want the PCB tracks going to the GSM/ GPS antennas to be 50 OHM characteristic impedance. I do not understand how to do this in eagle.(or in any other) Can someone please advice me? thanks.
Generally eagle trace if made a s a single stretch, it would be removed. Instead, if we do in bits and parts, only that sub part can be removed. Hope I am clear.
Use Ratsnest/Polygon
Hello World, I have a PCB in eagle which has been already routed in a previous project. I need to create a two copies of this same board in the same PCB. I tried making a duplicate of the schematic, however, the parts show up stripped and not routed. Any ideas on how I would go about this? Are there scripts which can carry out this operation?
I just found that the latest eagle can do this.
Hi, I downloaded "eagle Footprint" of nokia lcd connector eagle library to make a pcb with it for my project. The problem is that I'm also new to eagle and can't connect the wire in Schematic to extend the connectors pins and you can see the problem in the image. eagle forces a defined gap between wires and I don't know (...)
By the way, you can add tracks to alter the shape of pads on a footprint if the standard shapes aren't what you want. It will give you design errors but on the newer versions of eagle you can permanently accept those DRC errors so they don't keep popping up every time you check the board. Keith.
Hi all, I wanted to flip PCB design where only components are place on top side while routing is to be done from back-side by looking at already made PCB for reverse engineering in PADs, ORCAD and eagle software. I used to do the same with PADsPCB DOS versions long time ago but on its Window version, it missed many nets, tracks and vias. I do
hi guys, i did layout a very simple circuit board in eagle 5.8.0 i am very new to laying out in cad. can anybody just confirm if its a perfect layout? thanks in is my layout, if you rename the 2nd attached file try1(2).pdf to try1.brd you can see it in eagle.
Try chnaging the grid and then route again preferably do gridless routing. I have not worlked on eagle (If the s/w you are using is eagle as per kieth's comment) so dont know if it has an option of gridless routing and If it doesnot have, try minimising the grid as much as possible.This error may be due to the reason that tracks are not (...)
How can I specify in the schematic different wire widths or net classes for a single net? The only way I know is to change wire width on the board after it has been routed. The idea behind it is a circuit with a SMPS where the large current power tracks must be wide, but there is no need and also no room on the board to use the same track width f
I need to change ALL the tracks to a specific size in eagle How to do this ? Thanks.
To eidtech:: Goto your design and insert the modified component, and message from eagle will indicate you that all packages in the board will be modified, click ok. (and cancel inserting new part). With this you have your board updated. Repeat this step for every modified part. I tried this but... with the whole library; i
hi colleagues in some cases i do project i can work good enough at eagle after i get pcb layout my problem small tracks no water proof no sillk screen will do the what i need in my country i can.t get positive 20 or ready positive board or chemistry the coz not mony but thy tink it is so dangers this things ha ha my qustion is i atten