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Good evening guys! Is there anyone who have an idea about how to interface ultrasonic sensor with pic microcontroller easypic v7 with PIC18F45K22 chip, in order to make person counter. I found a useful code and I tried to edit it but still it's not working... Here is my code: // Lcd module connections sbit LCD_RS at LATB4_bit;
I am using PIC32MX795F512L and mikroE EasyTFT display. I am using easypic Fusion v7 development board. I am using mikroE VisualTFT for designing the GUI for TFT. This piece of the code is used to print password character and clear the password character on the TFT. void PrintPassword() { TFT_Set_Font(HandelGothic_BT21x22_Regu
Here is my GSM3 Click Example project. It uses PIC18F45K22. 8 MHz Crystal with 4x PLL = 32 MHz. UART1 is used for GSM3 Click. easypic v7 is used for testing and mikroBus Socket 2 on easypic v7 is used to plug GSM3 Click. It toggles LEDs on PORTD. You can send SMS like RD0 RD1 RD2 RD3 RD4 RD5 RD6 RD7 The SMS is case sensitive.
This is Multiple I2C LCD code. It is written using CCS C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in Proteus and also easypic v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 LCDs. LCDs should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used I2C LCDs and I2C LCD modules from Banggood. I will soon post mikroC PRO PIC and AVR versions of the code here. With this you can
dear all can I use MPLAB for programming of dsPIC30F series say 4013. while I have "easypic for dsPIC30" board. In which enviroment I have to compile my code. for burning hex file I have "mikro prog suit."
Yes. Zip and post mikroC project files. I will test it in easypic v7 board. Edit: while(1) is missing. You should display password characters as '*' on LCD. Edit2: Try attached file. Read readme.txt file in the rar file.
dear all I want to purchase easypic for dsPIC30F (complete kit). The question I want to ask here is that has anyone used this board. Can anyone give me some suggestions /advices about it.
Buy easypic v7 from mikroe or design easypic v7 board yourself and use it with mikroProg PIC programmer/debugger.
Hi Tony, easypicV7 have RJ-12 ICSP (ICD2) on board, you may use other programmer, but if you have intention to use MPLab, I dont understand why you need easypicV7? you need to find some dev.board from Microchip directly, but if you are begginer easypicV7 dev board will allow you to learn allmost everithing about PIC mcu, you may use on this (...)
Hi all, For A/D conversion I'm planning to connect INA125 5V precision voltage reference to VRef+ on the easypic v7(onboard is PIC18F45K22) board and GND to VRef-. INA125 setup and easypic v7 board have each own power supply. There's a circuit from INA125 datasheet that I intend to connect to easypic board. I'm not so experienced in (...)
Hi Im having a problem when i display the speed of the motor on LCD (16X2) causes the motor to stop. Im using PICDEM MCLV board (Brushless DC Motor) and is connected to easypic 7 development board (LCD is on) via RS232 cable (UART). The LCD does display the speed (RPM) of the motor but after 5 seconds or so the motor stops running. I start the m
Ardiuno V/s Parallax Professional Development Board v/s easypic? v7 which is best ? .. for programming , i got a code in parallax professional development board i would be looking for transfer it ardiuno
Folks - I would really appreciate some help with this topic. I am using the MikroElektronika easypic 6 with a PIC16F877 and MikroBasic Pro for Pic. I have the HTTP demo working perfectly. I also have the OW - DS18b20 to LCD working perfectly. I now wish to read the temperature from a DS18B20 and display it in the same way as the LCD readings ar
Hi there I need some help. I am using a PIC16F887 on a MicroElectronika easypic6 development board with a Telit Gm862 gsm module I am able to do the following:- (1) call the dev board from my phone (2) call my phone from the dev board (3) send sms from dev board to my phone But I am not able to receive sms from my phone to dev board. Here i
Do you mean that you work with a development board from mikroElektronika (eg easypic) and you use MPLAB as your IDE?
Hi I've been wanting to buy a demoboard over 200 ? urazos with examples including even in English on PIC. The demoboard that are looking for PIC12F, 16F and 18F, all 8 bits. For now I am struck by some for PIC: easypic v7: D
When I have a 16F887 MCU in the dev board and compile the ADC example MikroC code it compiles with no errors, but when I change the MCU to a 18F4685 type and change the config to 18F4685 I get 4 errors: What code change can I make to do the same pin configuration in the 4685 MCU. ANSEL =0x04; // configure An2 pin as analog ANSELH =0;
Hi. i think is used easypic v7 Schematic from MikroElektronika - Visual GLCD - Software for visually building embedded GUI devices with Graphic LCD
This all depends on what you want to do with the boards, Like which pic's you want to use how many ports what add on baords you lilkely to use, the list is endless A good board is the easypic 6 board support loads of different type of pic's but it's a bit on the costly side. What about building and making your own like this one from here [u
Which of the two codes posted is the latest version? I guess the last one is the test with P16F. I'm also guessing You're using easypic. RB0 & RB1 are shared by RTC and LCD. Try using P18F with software I2C (like P16F). If it works, than serial port configuration is messing with your LCD data (RB0 & RB1 are inputs).