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hi ; how can i do to get S21 of mushroom like ebg in hfss -example in hfss please-
Good Morning, I would like to plot the dispersion diagram for random unit cell of ebg structure. Anyone tell procedure and which solver is very efficient for thos in CST/hfss.
dear friends: iam simulating and AMC ebg structure in 60 GHZ band i got the dimensions from a PHD thesis. i tried to simulate it using hfss but every time i got wrong results can any one help me doing so the phd thesis is attached here page 58-60 hfss results for w=0.63 and hfss file are also attached (...)
Hi Friends Recently I have designed a ebg cell which it's reflection phase around 3.5 GHz is zero. In order to use this structure I've used a CPW antenna with resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz. The problem is I expect a resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz for whole structures (maybe with some ripple), but the resonant frequency is shifted to 4.5 GHz and som
Hi raf_prze, I'm not really sure what setup tips I can give due to the fact that I've never used CST. Just make sure that your mesh in the air gaps between unit cells is at least 2 tetrahedrons across each gap. You should be able to see the reduction due to surface wave supression between two antennas. I can confirm that I've done these simulatio
hello, I have 2*2 patch antenna array. I want to implement ebg structure in the array and evaluate the advantages in the gain and other antenna paramters ? I am using hfss version 13. please guide me with the procedure, thanks in advance :)
Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can shed some lights on this problem: how to simulate a FINITE size (in 2D X-Y plane) ebg surface in hfss? Specifically, ebg formed by patches without via. My previous simulation setup was using wave port on the top surface of the air box and radiation boundary around the air box. But the resulting (...)
hi I designed and created the dispersion digram for UC-ebg structure and get a band-gap of 9.5 to 11.1, when I place it between two antennas do not take the desired answer!!!!!!! Antenna operating frequency is in the band-gap the UC-ebg. What is my problem? Can anyone help me? Thanks
Hi, I want to plot dispersion diagram of unit cell of ebg structure in hfss. I define an airbox that comprises whole structure and use Master/Slave Boundary on side walls and PML on top of it. But when I check validation, software gives warning: PML group 'PMLGroup1' part 'PML_Box1' is contained by object 'airbox' . Do you know that what mean t
Hi votientu, I'm just getting start with ebg designs in CST (previously I've been using hfss). Can you please provide some instructions on how to analyze the file you've attached in your first post here, e.g. excitation, solver modes, etc... Appreciating your support.
Hi The dimensions of ebg/PBG structures have to be determined by iterating once you have decided upon the shape of the ebg cell. Upon iterating, you can develop mathematical equations based on the results obtained for each iteration. Regards Twisha
Dear all, I want to get reflection phase plot in oblique incident. I know maybe I can use Master/Slave boundary condition instead of PEC/PMC, could anyone give me some detail simulated steps ? Appreciate your help !!
hi i am a new user for hfss, how we assign the ports in hfss version 11,for making a ebg structure. my project is about suppress the simultaneous switching noise in high speed devices, for this am using meander lines and sierpinski structutre with ebg (electro magnetic bandgap structure) so help me to find the dimensions of (...)
Hi Guys, I've been struggling with this for some time and decided to come here for help. Attached is my ebg (mushroom-like structure) design which is composed of: 1) 4x4 elements S11= -28dB which is a good result and what I would expect from this design 2) 8x8 elements - the one I ne
hi! I try to use hfss for the phase diagram and dispersion of a cell mushroom like ebg , I am a beginner, but Imake an effort! Please, is there someone who can put the steps here clearly for the purpose, or a pdf that explains clearly and in detail how to get this diagram? I need this, so I expect from you as usual! thank you very much!
Start with rahmatt-samii's paper on ebg definition.
Which simulation software suitable the most? ADS, hfss, or CST can put the varactor in microstrip BPF? Show me plz, I'm very new, thank you my friends.
hi edaboard's members ebg structures, surely you know them how to design this structure in hfss ? (i am begginer in hfss) when i want to stop band frequency , how to choice ebg structure ? how get the diemensions of the structure ? in ads mom , there is possible to design ebg structure? (...)
hi I want to simulate mushroom ebg in hfss I have dimension of ebg (like i don't know how to Implement it in hfss? thanks
Can some one please tell how to plot light line or air line for ebg unit cell dispersion diagrams in hfss k=2pi lamda /c is known ..but wat is the procedure to get freq vs wave number (deg) graph? Please help