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hi ; how can i do to get S21 of mushroom like ebg in hfss -example in hfss please-
dear friends: iam simulating and AMC ebg structure in 60 GHZ band i got the dimensions from a PHD thesis. i tried to simulate it using hfss but every time i got wrong results can any one help me doing so the phd thesis is attached here page 58-60 hfss results for w=0.63 and hfss file are (...)
hello, I have 2*2 patch antenna array. I want to implement ebg structure in the array and evaluate the advantages in the gain and other antenna paramters ? I am using hfss version 13. please guide me with the procedure, thanks in advance :)
Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can shed some lights on this problem: how to simulate a FINITE size (in 2D X-Y plane) ebg surface in hfss? Specifically, ebg formed by patches without via. My previous simulation setup was using wave port on the top surface of the air box and radiation boundary around the air box. But the (...)
Hi, I want to plot dispersion diagram of unit cell of ebg structure in hfss. I define an airbox that comprises whole structure and use Master/Slave Boundary on side walls and PML on top of it. But when I check validation, software gives warning: PML group 'PMLGroup1' part 'PML_Box1' is contained by object 'airbox' . Do you know that what mean t
Hey guys, do you familliar with ebg in CST. I tried to simulate it, but I don't know how to show the result, actually, what is the cut frequence I have in my model (I posted it here) ? I refer the example in the one of good book about ebg (posted here), I refer its parameters in my simulation. It should be its result in
hi i am a new user for hfss, how we assign the ports in hfss version 11,for making a ebg structure. my project is about suppress the simultaneous switching noise in high speed devices, for this am using meander lines and sierpinski structutre with ebg (electro magnetic bandgap structure) so help me to find (...)
Start with rahmatt-samii's paper on ebg definition.
Hi everybody, I am a newbie, trying to design ebg antenna. Can anybody give me some tips,how to find/simulate/calculate reflection phase characteristics of an ebg structure using hfss v.10? Atleast any similar example....I need some guidelines!! Waiting for some suggestions..... Thanks in advance :)
Please help me to simulate ebg structure using hfss, as attached file! Because I am newer for hfss, so I don't know how to set two-layer PML on the top of the structure for simulation and I can't get the same results with results in this paper. Everyone, who know about simulation ebg structure, Please hepl (...)
I wanted to build an ebg antenna, and do not know how to design the CST. Someone help me?
I want to get the reflection phase of ebg structures in hfss (attention:not CST) the problem is :i know little about hfss... is it possible to get what i want for an ebg unit with Master/Slave boundary? or some other ways to get that? need your suggestions. many thanks!
Hi all, I have simulated mushroom ebg using hfss for the attached paper in order to get the reflection phase. I used waveguide method to do that ( 2 PMC & 2PEC walls) as in the attached hfss file. The rsulted phase of the reflected waves was shifted from that in the paper. My question: 1- When i use this WG method can (...) comes the complete reference for the deaign of pbg , ebg using hfss. Regards Mustafa
Hi....good reference. Mustafa
Hi all I simulated an ebg structure with hfss and I think my result isn't correct. Is there anybody that simulated such like structure using hfss? I will be grateful if he or she upload that file for me. Best
hi, i designed a PCB with ebg structure using hfss and obtained S21 in simulation.i want to know how to do mathematical modeling of the PCB using TLM method,can anyone help me.i have to find S21 using TLM method. thank you
OR Hope it help
Hi,everyone I at present am using hfss to simulate the ebg structure to look at Reflection phase But concerns in the simulation to the Wave port Deembed hypothesis did not understand What significance may some people tell me this hypothesis use are represent in this simulation? Thanks.
Hi.All I at present am using hfss to simulate the ebg structure to calculate the reflection phase. Had some computations the parameter already to write in inside, But I do not understand that am any meaning. May ask fellow seniors with me to illustrate these computation parameters represent significance? Enclosed simulation file