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I have to implement Hamming code ecc to Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM. At the moment 32/64/128 bit HC ecc has been implemented but takes more resources. I know that there is Built-In ecc and Soft ecc for Simple Dual Port RAM and I do not see for Single Port RAM and True Dual Port RAM in the CoreGen. (...)
Hi all, Is anyone engaged in ecc implementation for storage? I have been engaged in LDPC ecc research in three years. All including concepts, realizations and validations are done in detail by myself. My target is based on robust hard decoding to ensure 1KB-product stability. Many results come a conclusion and are well-prepared. T
There is still allot of functionality that i need to add to my code like the ecc etc. But initially I want to be able to read, write a page and to get a structured addressing system going then if I know its working ill build the rest from there. I should be finished later today or tomorrow with the basic structure of
Does anyone has 512 bytes data n calculated ecc using hamming algorithm..?
If any body has working on LLR decoding algorithm of LDPC using the code given in please help me. It works only for one cycle or in other way it gives the same error rate from iteration one to iternation n.
Hi, I've developped an online tool for generating a finite field multiplier with any primary polynomial. You can try it at .
Yes it is possible. Try to look this link : Connecting C and Matlab
Need some help about error correction code algorithmic implementle.
Hi, Anyone know about the Huffman ecc code? Can Huffman ecc detect 2 bits error and how? Thanks.
Hi Haif, You can find Hamming, convelution, turbo codes on c++ in this web site:
Hi, You can find turbo code on c++ in this weg site:
Willt, See the Google using keywords, "Hamming", ecc. Regards, Kral
Hi, Yes I did implemented ecc in my design! It was hsiao SEC-DEC ecc! Here I cant send you the VHDL code but here the paper that will help you!
In general, good SDR DDR or DDR2 chips will handle ecc and error correction automatically. Vendor will guarantee the quality of these SDRAMs. We need not to concern about this.
I want to build a 22bit-ecc engine for 512byte data. This ecc is based on the hamming code. Anybody had the experience? I hope to talke with you.
hi, I don't know the 517 hw, anyway.... 1) Is the timer Running? 2) Is the TCON register configured? (Gate - C/T - TR ecc. ecc.)
Look here: maybe this can help you
search eboard . This is the link from one of old post . Also check the smartmedia from samsung/toshiba about flash ecc .