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hi there welcome to eda board Hi Can anybody please help me with the design of a simple sleeve dipole/monopole antenna. I cant find any design equations. Seriously ? there's plenty out there but the theory is dead simple .... here's an example with the math for you that I have drawn up [
Is there any tool suite for doing both schematic and layout based simulations (preferably free toolsSome eda tools for SCH/PCB design has the Signal Integrity feature, but in general this takes into account just a simplified model of the board with the extracted parasitic characteristics. For a more detailed analysis, you should cons
We at Source III have been searching for a way we can help contribute to eda board, since monitoring for relevant posts/questions is often a challenge. Yet we wanted a way to more actively help testers, especially since we know that many people have questions about WGL, STIL, etc, that they simply do not ask, or they try to solve the issue in-house
Please check the following link : , sheet 12 and onward. Also take a look at this old thread on eda board :
Your answer might be in the following eda board threads!
My computer runs Wndows 8 and Internet Explorer 11. All other sites work perfectly but the problem here is getting worse and is intermittent. My browser says, "Waiting for eda board" for a few minutes to an hour or two. I must save a reply in case a frequent outage occurs while I post a reply to a thread.
The following Post has been reported. Poster : Audioguru Thread : Frequently I can't get in ("Waiting for eda board") and when I do get in I can't post Reason : Although I cannot confirm the reported system behaviour, I think that we shou
Every couple weeks I get an unexpected dropout in response at edaboard. 'Server not responding', 'Service not available', and the like. The dropout might go on half an hour, or a few hours. Quirky though my internet connection is, when I go to other websites they work okay. So the problem must be at edaboard's servers. (...)
Every eda package is as good as you are willing to learn it (with all it's culprits). Also, @treez, it's silly to ask a question about "betterness" of a particular eda package. BTW the .pdf that you posted, I mean the board, can be routed MUCH better. Something that I don't like are 90 degrees angles in tracks.
Hello, I want to ask you eda-board gurus for suggestions with HSIM Co-simulation and Monte-Carlo simulations. I want to run a MonteCarlo simulation in a relatively large transistor-level circuit (imagine a microcontroller), but the caveat is that the environment to this circuit is very complex and event-driven. For example: if signal
2014! Time to ask this question of all of you. To design and test out ideas... what eda software do you like? I personally have loved Circuit Maker Student... 50 component max and all. The learning curve on that was as shallow as can be... and being able to trouble shoot logic circuits on the fly with its animating LEDs and 7-segment display
Hi- That's copyrighted material; it would just be removed as soon as Mentor Graphics notices that it is on eda board. The full product documentation (there is also an error message reference, a getting started, and a command reference) should be installed as part of the Olympus product tree; if not, you can get it from Mentor Graphics SupportNet.
Dear eda board, I just wanted to confirm whether this circuit will do good to switch ON/OFF Contactor which operates with DC Coil Voltage. Thanking You, Ravi Kumar Gangumolu.
good wishes scholars, iam doing my project in satellite communication objective is comparitive study of different channel coding techniques which is a IEEE paper i have done codings from help of my friend and searched in net,and one of friend suggested me that eda board is doing a great work for helping out students,iam not that much well werse
Hi colleagues, this topic start with "I am trying simple led blinking code" and until now we have 25 reply including from Super moderator, several Advanced members... greath forum with proffesional approach, that?s is reason WHY eda board is the best electronics forum on the world best regards for all...
Hi, You do not have to use a development board to create your own project. You simply need a Microchip Pickit3 or ICD3 programmer /debugger and a breadboard or similar building board/pcb plus a 5v power supply. Would also question why the use of a Pic24 ? the pic16F and 18F chips are much more supported in the diy forums like (...)
Some time ago, I started a thead, While seaching google for same reason afterwards, I found more than ten links to pages with the copid thread. Some were with same username and others with different. Some were in different Now m
hi, i have created a logo using paint and word document ,now i want to replace on a pcb board ,how to do? come on eda geni's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hi, I need to convert my .brd file in ubuntu KiCad eda Build 20090216 final into a pdf document of the same dimentions. There are no options to export as pdf, so please tell me if this is possible. Thanks.
You should probably contact gulson
Have you searched eda board for the keyword blowfish?
Firstly eda board doesnot allow IEEE papers to be published. That is irrelevant - the question is about selecting a subject for an IEEE paper submission. Keith
See this thread for a start, there's a chart at the end:
Dear Naresh, No recruiter is gonna come to eda board for recruitment. So do make up your own job profile in job sites like etc & search for the jobs which match to your profile. Also do search in the net for the companies of your domain & sent your resume directly to the company career addresses. Reg
Dear eda board Members, Can you share softwares for drawing electrical wiring diagrams. Thanking you, Ravi
Dear eda board Members, Can you share softwares for drawing electrical wiring diagrams. Thanking You, Ravi
Dear All Friends Hope lot of people have won the eda board logo pen drive, if it stop working you can used uploaded software to get it working back same method can be used for other chip just check out what type of controller it has then Google it with part number you will find flasher software for the controller chip, i have shared a link here
Hello my friend and welcome to eda board How much current do you need? and i suggest you , don't use transformers for mosfet driving . BTW : what is the classification of your amplifier ? Is that a class D amplifier ? And i can see some problems at your circuit : why you used diodes at the end of your transformer? Are you sure that , that is a
Dear himanshu Hi And welcome to the eda board. Say your mean accurately , please. more describe your aim. thus i can help you . Best Wishes Goldsmith
Dear ALL4HERE Hi and welcome to the eda board. think that your mean is the capacitor bank ? if yes , the capacitor bank is for the power factor correction at reactive loades. And it will help to improve the reactive power coefficient . ( up to 0.9) . Best Wishes ---------- Post added at 01:12 ---------- Previous post
Dear Shabnam Hi Welcome to the eda board Do you know any thing about converter designing steps? if no , would you like , that i , suggest you some famous and practical book in this area? Best Wishes Goldsmith
Wider the trace, lesser its impedance, hence higher is the current flow. Similar thread was discussed in eda board on The Blog ? PCB Trace Width Calculator . Also I found following links to be very useful in calculating track width for a desired
Welcome to the eda board. There are ample querries, unanswered questions, in the forum. Try wether you can be of any help there. Too do login reguarely to get pages of questions and do try to answer and helpout the needy. Have a nice time sharing and gaining knowledge. Cheers
First of all i would like to admire the OP that he is intretsed to build something. But not on his own. But he happened to open a commercial product manufactured by M/s Electro Expo Systems, Gurgaon India, and he posted the snaps of the PCB and others on his Flicker photo stream and too a copy and link here in eda board. He just wanted a circuit d
Hi Abu, eda board is about discussing things which you feel difficult to comprehend, you can request how to draw a cmos schematic but not ask someone to finish your home work. You stand a chance of getting a warning from the forum moderators if you do so. I would suggest you to go through weste Principles of CMOS design...If you have specific que
eda board provides infractions to the members who breaks the forum rules. The first purpose of infractions is as a deterrent. The second function of infractions is hope of reforming. Members who have done wrong have to understand that they have done wrong, and hopefully repent for their actions. Presently the infractions given are never expires. In
Try out my RTOS posted on eda board here for sample coding. Simple to use with full source code.
Welcome to the eda board family. There are different section of the forum for posting a question based on the problem. This is not the right place to post this problem. I think you should have put it in hardware section.
Suggestion to add a chat server to eda board . Halo admin please add a chatting option like instant messenger :-google talk.aim etc will really help ful.
Sir , Soory for the i cant know where it post please ... I noticed that the threads our or eda board threads are founded in other site it legal I found my threads that i posted in eda baord in other site the site is follows please notify it Moving
hi all members of eda board... guys,i want some videos on OFDM transreceiver using system generator demos.where can get it? please,tell me its important....
Yes...Sunrom programmmer is a serial port programmmer. It can be used on a USB port by using a USB to serial converter. Search for sunrom programmmer DIY on eda board. Cheers
I have written an RTOS for the Pic24, 30, 33 16-bit micros and posted it on eda board here. I don't know if this will be much help for the Pic18 micros, but might give you some ideas.
You could try my free rtos for Pc30, 24, 33 posted on eda board here. It uses Mplab sim to run the examples so no hardware is required to try it out. Includes full source code and a pdf describing the implementation.
VP, In this proto are you sending this out to a fabrication house? If so, you can simply ommit the mask layers. Also, you should add a note in fabrication drawing that no solder mask is to be applied. Regards, eda
Some time ago I wrote a utility to help write assembler code for Pic16 series micros and posted it on eda board here. It can generate code for delays of various lengths, if, while, loops conditionals, etc. No install is needed, just extract all the files to a directory. Call the directory PicHelp
Some time ago I wrote a utility to help write assembler code for Pic16 series micros and posted it on eda board here. It can generate code for delays of various lengths, loops conditionals, etc. No install is needed, just extract all the files to a directory. Call the directory PicHelp or whatever
I need this book...:sad: "Handbook of modern ferromagnetic materials" by: Alex Goldman Sharing of copyrighted materials like Books and papers are prohibited in eda board. Read rules/ announcements before posting.
Welcome to eda board. it is preferable to have a wall wart of say 9V or so( even unregulated) with a current of just above 1 amp. you might use s a 7805 regulator with a suitable heat sink. then the output would suite your digital circuits' need. Perhaps you may see the 7805 dtatsheet for full information. All the best
Who is the founder of eda board. who initiated this site, Which was the first thread in this site.