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Hello, When I run Virtuoso, there is one error in CIW window like that: *Error* load: can't access file - "/home/eda/cadence/ic614.hotfix/tools.lnx86/dfII/home/eda/synopsys/hspice_vE-2010.12/hspice/hspice.ini" DO you know how to fix it, how can we configure location of hspice.ini to avoid this error? Thanks
hi , I m 4th year electronic and communication Btech student . I have strong knowledge of VHDL , Verilog , FPGA flow , ASIC flow and also familiar with different eda tools . I have done two internship during my btech in VLSI and one paper publication in IEEE . I am interested to work in VLSI company as RTL designer or Front end designer. c
A unique and interesting problem: I have a GDS file (and the ITF or ICT technology file). I want to decode and process that GDS to get a list of all the actual metal/dielectric shapes that actually get manufactured. What workflow and tools can do that? I'm not even an eda designer.. I'm actually a physicist and I'm hoping to use my (...)
I was hoping someone can give me an idea of the list price for a few standard ASIC dev tools. Such as Synopsys DC and Primetime and Cadence RTL Compiler and Encounter SOC I know the actual paid price can be significantly lower and varies depending on # of seats etc. I see this has been a forum topic in the past but not for several years. I'
hi, my 2 cents, At first you need to know the complete asic design flow, There are pointed tools available for performing specific task if you need accuracy , you can get the list of the tools and their datasheets, and what functionality or what portion of the asic design it will be covering can be found at the eda (...)
Well, I suggest all brothers post here a list from current know edaīs: If anyone know more, please post and I will update my list... Thatīs all! Gorkin OBS: EOL means End Of Line Altium -- AltiumDesigner 6.8 -- PCAD2006 (EOL) Cadence -- ORCAD (EOL) -- Allegro
If you just implement in project,the ways will be supplied by eda vendors,and now,you list the main ways used in eda tools,but if you want research,I recommend you can search this in IEEE website.
Here is a list of opensource eda tools from opentech Cadsoft Eagle has a free version but it is limited by the design size instead of time but its very good. , I haven't tried it but heard that it has got decent features.
this link also. The only useful Free (Open Source) verilog simulator+synthesizer I know of. ------- hairo -------
Goto database section of . This site provide list of most of the opensource softwares related to electronics, eda, VHDL etc.
Hello, everyone I run these tools on solaris 2.6 before, but I found the operating system is so old and wanna update to solaris 8, but I'm not sure if these eda tools can work well based on solaris 8. These is the tools list below: Cadence IC 4.45 Hsim 2.0 Debussy 5.0 Hspice 2000.2 LDV(how to (...)