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Hi, We are using synplify pro to create and edif and then xilinx ise to creat a bitmap? I was just wondering why exactly the performance of synplify is better than XST and in what way? Is the runtime faster? Or is it more optimized? In what way exactly Thanks
I start to use Xllix 1SE Q. For Security issue I need to use synplify(linux) to gen .edif and .ucf then use ISE(PC) P&R , Does ISE can gen the netlist (.v ) and .sdf that I can upload to workstation to use C@dence NCV to gen fsdb for debu$$y? if yes Is there any detail (...)
When use @ltera LPM_ROM and @ltera ROM INITIAL FILE to generate LPM_ROM verilog Ccde(With inital value file .HEX) then call synplify to produce .edf file to let altera compile to produce .sof file it show Error: Can't compile edif Input File due to syntax error parse error, expecting `'('' trace the error find edf syntax as follow c
I do agree with Ramesh.. Just a tiny note.. Libero version 6 is around the corner or is already available. (14th june 04).. The synplify tools do not always generates best results.. It is sometimes better to synthesize with Leonardo and then feed the edif file to Actel designer.. Cheers