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Export the designed file in gerber file format from ADS....U can import the same and edit it in CST.... Thanks,
Hello, I have already posted a question, how to edit the GND plane shape of my board in order to remove a part of the GND plane. Well, I attached my gerber file and I hope that someone tell me if that's OK like this or no? I would like to know if I sent the gerber file like this, does the manufacturer will understand that the green zone (...)
Hi everyone, i edited gerber file i know it is not good.i have to edit in layout only.right now i have not that Board i edited in CAM350.but i could not import the edited file in other gerber tool like View mate.please suggest any one for this mail
Hi, I have some basic doubts on PCB files formats. a) What are the limitation of gerber file as compared to original layout file (.bdr for Cadence)? b) Is one can edit and modify a gerber file to re-fabricate the PCB? c) Are crucial information such as the impedance, material, dielectric are can be obtained from the (...)
Hi, I'm looking for the best options to edit my pcb files.. Basically working gerber and ODB++. Is there any free option out there that anyone can recommend? Thank you.
Hi All, Is there any free tool to edit gerber files?? in this case i want to delete few legends on my gerber file. Regards, Vamsi
It is placed when you include it into silkscreen gerber file. Verify your gerber before sending it to manufacturer by opening it in a viewer like CAM350 or by importig it back into editor. If you dont' see any refdes then go to manufacturing-artwork and edit particular silkscreen gerber by pressing right (...)
Click on the text-tool in the toolbar, now double click on the text you want to change the font size of, a "Text edit" dialog window will open. Change the properties of the text you want to change such as line width, text height, character aspect etc. You cannot change the font size directly as such. To make gerber files go to Option[/
Have you done a drill drawing to let the manufacturer know what size holes on what pads you want? edit: Why so many drill files? Surely you only need 2, 1 for plated and one for non plated.
dear all respected members i have recvd a gerber data file .pho and i viewed it in dxp' camtastics but i would like to edit it in dxp so i couldnot do it i know that i have use some gerber data converter but i have not that if anybody resolve my problem i would be highly grateful to him. if any body have any converter software crax so pls (...)
It appears that you have not set the undefined line width parameter. Set the un-defined line width value to > 8mil i.e. say 10 mil. Check whether your apertures are ok. For that click on apertures --> edit --> Select apertures without rotation. then click ok. Ensure that you select RS274X option before generating the gerber files. Then gen
thanks, I found this but it doesn't work... For example I put a via in my layout and preparing with gerber export the .drl file but it is empty - I look in "edit aperture" after "flash circles" and there are no circles blocks. Any ideas?
The tables generated from the special strings like .Legend are hard coded into the software - you can't edit the contents or style. If you want something different, you would have to manually make a table.
IE3d from is a good soft. for printed antenna and with ADIX, addin from zeland, you can import gerber files edit them in IE3d and then generate the gerber file. pl
GC-Prevue wont do that, its for viewing only. What you need is an actual editor, there are not many around that allow you to edit and create new gerber files for free.
hi,, i was been provided with some gerber files of a board.i opened orcad and in the gerber tool i opened a .gtd file.there i cud see a board layout.. my question is,will i be able to edit this layout,make changes etc etc through this software itself.... b'coz,till now i thought that gerber files cannot be viewed with (...)
You could try and import it into a copy of GCCAM etc and then export it back out as positive. Look for a gerber editing software.
hello all, i want to edit the greber files and making a grid for one design or more designs is there any way or software to merge the designes and make separations in gerber format! by the way i'm using EAGLE layout editor thank you in advanvce.
You have to edit the gerber files with a text editor to remove comment lines that Pr0tel cannot process. See the following web page for directions:
There aren't any free editors (edit, and save edits). There are many viewers that will allow you to look at, and print, gerber files. The Google search in the above message will lead you to the viewers. These free viewers don't let you save any gerber file changes you try to make. If you need a real (...)