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Have anyone used edwinxp software for PCB design.
You can use EDSpice Simulator built-in with edwinxp software and it can be downloaded from or
Hello, You can use edwinxp for the simulation of Micontrollers. It can be downloaded from or
It is available at
Hi folks, I need to make an ALU next semester for school and because it seems a bit complicated at the moment, I thought to ask for some help. The program we will use is edwinxp and I have to create a working ALU that can do 4 operations (addition, shift left, xor, nor). Schematic should be made following this diagram: img25.imagesh
edwinxp is a good tool which can be downloaded from
Do any other software package other than edwinxp supports the total design time for PCB?
edwinxp is a software which can be used to simulate microcontroller based programs
U can check out edwinxp 1.50...i guess they have LCD
Hi I have OrCad PCB 2 Wire list from edwinxp EDA tool. Is it possible to import this file to OrCad Schematic? With regards Ajish Babu S
Do anyone using the EDA software edwinxp 1.50?
edwinxp is best for design simulation to complex pcb design rahul sharma
Hello... For beginner point of view u can use edwinxp for ur VHDL code simulation. If u are going for higher end application u can use Mentor Tools like Modelsim and Leonardo . Here in that Modelsim supports simulation and Leonardo for synthesis. This tools will supports u certain levels........if u need more high application like IC Design or
Using EDSpice Simulator of edwinxp, some of the models can be simulated. It can be downloaded from
edwinxp supports AVR simulation
what's the problem with edwinxp? I am using edwinxp for couple of years.I think it is one of the best EDA Package....right now..Can u share the problems?
I Don't think so.......But u can simulate 8051 in edwinxp
hello Do anyone know about IBIS to SPICE converter for free download which should be entirely compatible with the simulation of PSPICE (OrCAD), EDSPICE (edwinxp) etc
How to simulate a circuit in edwinxp EDSpice simulator?