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Look at gm/id design methodology. Stanford ee214 lecture notes, and there are some other papers on this as well. The idea is to abandon square-law equations, and design based upon plots made from the technology.
stanford ee214 notes show this method in detail.
I am using the ee214 lecture notes for studying. I found that Prof.Murmann has additional notes provided like gm/ID, gm.Cgg lookup tables. I need those to understand his lectures. There are mentioned in pg.240 of his notes. " gm/ID, gm/Cgg lookup tables: Reference:C:\Documents and Settings\Murmann\My (...)
U can also download it from
Opamp = OTA + buffer in ee214 Class notes
hi, can anyone share the lecture notes, homeworks, project,.. from this class? I have ee214 2004 notes, I guess there are some changes in 2005. Thanks
People have posted ee214 Lecture notes from Stanford. Anyone have EE315 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits Lecture notes from 2004/2005 ? They are needed badly. Thanks.
Stanford ee214 notes
go search for the lecture notes of ee214 from Stanford University.