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Look at gm/id design methodology. Stanford ee214 lecture notes, and there are some other papers on this as well. The idea is to abandon square-law equations, and design based upon plots made from the technology.
stanford ee214 notes show this method in detail.
I am using the ee214 lecture notes for studying. I found that Prof.Murmann has additional notes provided like gm/ID, gm.Cgg lookup tables. I need those to understand his lectures. There are mentioned in pg.240 of his notes. " gm/ID, gm/Cgg lookup tables: Reference:C:\Documents and Settings\Murmann\My (...)
U can also download it from
Opamp = OTA + buffer in ee214 Class notes
hi, can anyone share the lecture notes, homeworks, project,.. from this class? I have ee214 2004 notes, I guess there are some changes in 2005. Thanks
People have posted ee214 Lecture notes from Stanford. Anyone have EE315 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits Lecture notes from 2004/2005 ? They are needed badly. Thanks.
ee214 Autumn 2005 lecture notes are no longer available to the public, only to students of Stanford. Boris Murmann has stop posting these notes to the public community.
go search for the lecture notes of ee214 from Stanford University.