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You can search for external Flash @ eeprom chip that connect with SPI @ I2C. Ex, at microchip website you can see the memory product.
all 89c51's function can be applied on 89c52, it will work correctly. but not all 89c52's function can be applied on 89c51. RAM 89c51 = 128 bytes, 89c52 = 256 bytes eeprom 89c51 = 4Kbytes, 89c52 = 8Kbytes Timer 89c51 = 2, 89c52 = 3
This might be helpful: PIC16F876A datasheet sections 3.3 and 3.4: "Reading Data eeprom Memory" & "Writing to Data eeprom Memory".
I know, due to the difference in address width we can't use code for 24C02 while using 24C1024. But I have used 24C04 instead of 24C02 & it is working alright. So my question is that whether code will change for every eeprom or it is applicable for group. I will explain my doubt further. code A will work for 24C02/04/08, (...)
Hello!! Yesterday i write a code for PIC16F877A for reading and writing data to eeprom #include #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 void eeprom_Write(); void eeprom_Write_String(unsigned char ,unsigned char address); unsigned char eeprom_Read(); unsigned int len,i; void (...)
hii,i am using at89s8252 and communicating with a eprom using spi protocol..... when i debug the code i am sending data to spdr (SPI Data reg.) but it is not showing in keil... can anybody tell me what is the mistake i am doing.... can any body give me a demo spi code in working condition.....
Dear at 16f84 i can read using the command read_eeprom (address) and can write using write_eeprom (address, value) can u please tell me the command of 16f72 for read and write data.
A serial eeprom is smaller and more durable than a battery. You'll need to spend some lines of code for an I2C or SPI/microwire interface however.
how can store a word variable in eeprom ? i have a word array . for example : m var word i want to store my array in eeprom . and then read form eeprom . it is very important for me . please help me . software : pic basic pro . microprocessor : pic16f877a
Hi! Furthermore to my previous tale of woe I managed to read the 5-digit code out of the eeprom (I read back 81175!), but on reassembling and testing the thing it was dead with the LCD totally blankety-blank!!! When it's powered up I get the red alarm/safe LED flashing on it's front panel and it goes off if you press in the LH control knob, a
I don't understand the point of what you are asking. Normally you write the code, you compile and then program the flash with the hex content, what you are asking if to treat the flash like an eeprom and doesn't make much sense. What is the purpose of this write/read operation and why do you want to do it in the flash of the mcu and not an (...)
Hi, That works fine, have often programed a 4620 with 4520 code. My Pickit2 gave the expected warning message but no action needed. The second shot shows that the program code only uses a small part of the 4520s program memory. As long as the code does not store masses of data in eeprom or ram it should work fine, (...)
I need help with internal eeprom of 16f628 i've tried the original write procidure of Microchip's datasheet but it didnt write to eeprom here is the code i've tried: ;movlw 0x01 ;movwf EEADR ;movlw 0x06 ;movwf EEDATA ;BSF STATUS, RP0 ; Bank1 ;BCF INTCON, GIE ; Disable INTs. ;BSF EECON1,
Hi guys, In my project i am using keil c51 with At89c52. I need to use internal eeprom to store some counter value on the fly. How can i access internal eeprom through keil. do i want to use PK51? please help me to solve this problem thankyou
i could not understand how to write or read from eeprom. so plz tell me interfacing of i2c eeprom & if any one has program so plz tell me.
i have a problem eeprom writing in at89s8253. the rading of eeprom works well but i can't rewrite the eeprom. the writing updation is not working. my code to write to eeprom is given below. plz help me void ieem_WrByte(unsigned int adr, unsigned char val) { Ext_int_off; EECON|= (EEMEN_ | EEMWE_ (...)
this is basic program, you can improve the program i.e store the count to eeprom, or send the counting value via rs232 or 485 etc etc dim countvariable as word 'store the counting value P0.0 = 1 'initializing the port0 pin 0 while true 'loop forever if P0.0 = 0 then 'if the low transition from the op
You can use DS1302 for time keeping you should use AT24cXX for storing values as this is non volatile eeprom. similar project was done at ample - mathikere bangalore if you want you can contact me too @ nikhilele(at)--gmail---(DOT)--com--
I just looked into the USBASP source code (isp.c) but still I couldn't makeout....:( I can write and read eeprom but not FLASH...
Guys, Do you know how to read more characters on 24C16 ? I want to read the third character (82 ), void save() //save in eeprom { start(); send_byte(0xA0); //device address aknowledge(); send_byte(0x00); //word address aknowledge(); send_byte(5); //send data aknowledge(); send_byte(65); aknowled