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Dear All, I need Encryption/Authentication Devices for my product. Specs: I2C eeprom 2K Memory 8 bit Address with Family code '1011' Is there any product that is available off-the-shelf? Thanks
Please let me know that I programmed Arduino code for save and restore of float values in eeprom, Arduino eeprom library attached but problem is that when I write value first time then value is successfully restore but when second time update the value then restore take some for retrieving value?
HI 24LC256 Serial eeprom, I am using eeprom with I2C , and I use a lot of commands to make all addresses to zero state. Is there any method , so that I can completely erase all data in my eeprom at once ? Regards, Raady.
I don't see any references to eeprom I2C addresses in your code, thus I believe it doesn't actually access it. There are other points like generating correct eeprom commands with address field, and required ACK polling after write actions. But that's next.
Hi, Dear Friends, I'm new in using SPI, and i am writing data via SPI from ATMEGA32 to an eeprom m95160. i fallowed the datasheet but i think i have some misunderstanding parts, so i receive those errors in the title, would you please help me to debug my code? compiler is : codevisionAVR simulator: proteus actually this master (...)
Hello, I am using pic32mx795f512l and i am trying to code for external eeprom (25LC256) to store the last value of LED. I want to use SPI communication for eeprom. I need sample code to done this. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks in advance
Hi guys I just started to program eeprom , however the OV7955 system control start with during program, do i need to start from 0x0000 or 0x0100??
M working on a project having micro controller 89s52. In this i have to store names up to 20. m using 24c16 eeprom for this.... void Save_name() { start(); send_byte(0xA0); aknowledge(); switch(nam) { case 0: send_byte(0x00);break; case 1: send_byte(0x10);break; . . . case 15: send_
I am trying to make a temperature data logger using rtc, lm35 and eeprom 24lc512. I did upto writing and reading the temperature value in eeprom. Now i want to write and read the time and date also. At some periodic intervals that is set using rtc the date, time and the tempertaure value to be written into the eeprom. Then using a button (...)
I want to know how to write the adc result in successive address of external eeprom 24lc512. I am using pic16f877a controller and storing the result of adc i.e ADDRESH and ADRESL into two variables x and y. I have added my code below. /* TEMPERATURE MONITORING DATA LOGGER */ /* Header files */ #include #include
Hi guys, I have two problems: 1) LEDs are not blinking. 2) I can see a lot of errors in the simulator(Protus) how can I solve this Problems with eeprom? I'm using mikroc for PIC. thanks a lot. void main(){ PORTC = 0; TRISC = 0; while (1) { eeprom_Write(2,0b11110000); // Write some data to eeprom address 2 E
Hello everybody .. I am working on interfacing of IR Thermometer with PIC 16f877a .. The thermometer has 24c04 eeprom and my task is to fetch data from this eeprom chip .. I used below circuit for level shifting (but used 2n7000) .. I am using PIC CCS and My coding is: ‪ #‎include‬ <16F877A.h> ‪#‎fuses̷
Your basic steps would be the following: 1.) Setup your analog input ports and ADC parameters 2.) Cycle through the three channels with ADCON register 3.) Set the channel, read the ADC value, write to eeprom, update eeprom address, delay, go to the next channel 4.) The eeprom address you will have to increment and keep track of to know which (...)
cannot see any obvious error have you had a look at the microchip example PIC32 MEB - eeprom Demo using I2C
the PIC16 as a master could have a number of slave devices attached, e.g. eeprom, DAC, etc for examples of PIC16 I2C code have a look at
Hi, i am working on some project using PIC 16F877A MCU where i want to save some data to its data eeprom memory, problem is that i want to write these initial values (in text and numeric form) manually to eeprom like in notepad so that when i burn my device this data could also copy to eeprom of MCU. I also want to write these values at (...)
Try: total = (eeprom_read(0) & 0x0f) * 10000; total += (eeprom_read(1) & 0x0f) * 1000; total += (eeprom_read(2) & 0x0f) * 100; total += (eeprom_read(3) & 0x0f) * 10; total += eeprom_read(4) & 0x0f; I used ' & 0x0f' rather than '-48' to make ASCII into binary because it should use less compiler (...)
#include #include"SPILCD.h"//LCD PROGRAMM #define slave2 1<<7 //CHIP SELECT PIN int main(void) { unsigned char dat,ch='A',gar; PLLCFG=(1<<2)|(1<<5);//SETTING THE CORE CLOCK AS 60MHZ & PCLK AS 15MHZ PLLCON=(1<<0)|(1<<1);// ENABLE THE PLL PLLFEED=0XAA; PLLFEED=0X55; IODIR0=slave2; // MAKING CHIP SELECT PIN IN LPC
Just a thought, PIC16F877A includes 256x8 bytes of eeprom in the MCU itself. Post the code with which you've tried, that way it'll be easier to debug rather than asking for full code to someone.
hai, i want to know the difference between two eeprom ( eeprom 24c02c/p vs eeprom 24LC04). currently i am doing project interfacing ARM lpc2148 with eeprom using I2C communication protocol. i got the coding from internet. but they are using eeprom 24LC04 but i have different (...)