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dear all i want to know how much it costs the following prototype pcb , count one pcb i need to know the cost for the double & the single including cnc-drilling-green mask nothing else including also shipment to cairo - egypt thanks all
Hi, I am a fresh graduate, my major is Electronics and Communications Engineering. I am looking for a Job in the field of pcb Design (High Speed). If you know companies in egypt that have vacancies, please let me know. Thanks.
Dear all, I am interested in making embedded systems from design to pcb, when it comes to pcb I know a guy who makes it for me but COST is an issue. I want to know pcb factories, stores, or even freelancers here in egypt, Cairo, or near Cairo capable of producing at most A4 size single-side and double-side. Note: (...)
Dear all: We need a pcb designer in my company m/f, pls send ur CV to
dear all; if you are a student in faculty of engineering having a background in pcb assembly leaving in Cairo-egypt you are invited to share a good opportunity to earn some cash in this summer contact me by email ....
yes Ahmad bahgat egypt
Hi, I made a pcb for this radar detector in OrCad pcb 9.2. Don't forgot to solder the 0.22uF Cap. Have fun, Pharaoh Of egypt
Hi, New version 2.01 June 30, 2003 Bye Pharaoh Of egypt